Oh Lardy's 90 Day Plan to Non Toxic Living


Are You…

    • Wanting to learn how to choose more nourishing foods for your family?


    • Wanting help looking for hidden toxic ingredients in their food and learn to easily choose better ingredients?


  • Wanting to take control of where your food comes from?
  • Curious about supporting your family’s gut health (and understand why that is important!)?
  • Wishing you felt more comfortable making healthier choices…without the stress of striving for perfection?
  • Curious to embark on raising backyard chickens for eggs
    • Wanting to learn to make simple fermented foods and bone broth (or at least understand why these things are important and go buy them!)?


    • Wishing you were empowered to tell which ingredients in your personal care products you want to avoid?


  • Wanting to make easy and effective DIY products for your home?
  • Feeling you need to wean yourself off of sugar?
  • Getting rid of toxic products in the home…cleaning products, personal care products….with ease?
  • Wanting to support all systems of the body naturally?

We are so excited to present our 90 Day Plan to Non Toxic Living! You will answer these questions and more!

This plan will help you step by step…moving at your own pace to create a non-toxic lifestyle for your entire family!


With this plan, you will receive…

  • 8 educational modules with lessons, audios and handouts covering various non-toxic topics, including real food, fermented foods, non toxic home, and more!
  • Sugar Busters Detox Guide
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can link arms with our community and ask questions!
  • Grocery Store Guide to help navigating the grocery store for Real Food a breeze.
  • Our constant support and guidance.
  • Recipes for real food, ferments, bone broth, DIY home and beauty products and more!
  • Occasional Zoom Calls and Facebook Lives where you can ask us questions.
  • Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables
  • Oh Lardy’s Guide to Cooking Bone Broth
  • Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens
  • Oh Lardy’s Guide to Home and Beauty Recipes with Essential Oils
We have seen countless people in our community make REAL sustainable changes in their households…leading to vibrant health and wellness for their families.
Access to this plan, the 90 Day Plan to Toxin Free Living, will be $297!


Frequently Asked Questions

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