Lemon Essential Oil

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I love the fresh scent of citrus!  Lemon seems to make everything smell so clean!  It is no wonder that lemon is a comment scent for cleaning products you would find in the store. Besides having such a refreshing scent, lemon essential oil has many other uses.   Lemon essential oil is useful for: In the home: Combine 2–3 drops … Read More

The Many Uses of Frankincense Oil

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When I think of Frankincense I always picture the Three Kings with their gifts at Christmas time.  Even though I didn’t ever really know what it was, I did know that it was valuable.  As it turns out, Frankincense (Boswellia Carteri) was more valuable than gold in ancient times and it is still used today to treat illness. Frankincense oil … Read More

Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

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15 Uses for Peppermint Oil

Like so many essential oils, peppermint essential oil has many uses around the home and for your health and body.  Do you use peppermint essential oil?  If so, what for? The fresh, energizing aroma of Peppermint essential oil helps support healthy digestion. Great for flavoring drinks, it can also help promote healthy intestinal function.* Add 1 drop of Peppermint essential … Read More

My Favorite Essential Oils for Oil Pulling

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My Favorite Essential Oils for Oil Pulling - www.ohlardy.com

I love oil pulling and have been doing almost daily for the past few months. I have noticed many benefits, namely whiter and cleaner teeth! Recently, I started adding essential oils to my oil pulling technique.  But instead of adding them randomly or just for ‘flavor’, I have been adding them with intention to what the essential oils actually do! … Read More

The Best Uses for Thieves Oil

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I love Thieves oil!  Thieves is probably the most used essential oil in my house, next to Lavender.   Thieves owes its pleasant, spicy aroma and flavor to a balanced blend of Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary, and Lemon essential oils. This one-of-a-kind blend can be found in many of Young Living’s most popular products, such as household cleaner, … Read More

Homemade Bug Spray

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Homemade Non-Toxic Mosquito Repellent

Summer is getting closer here in Chicago…which means sitting outside could become a nuisance.  How do you keep yourself protected? I don’t like bugs to ruin my summer and like to keep myself and my family from getting bitten.  However, I hate covering myself in conventional bug sprays. Now, I will admit, if we are going deep in the woods … Read More

10 Uses for Purification Oil

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10 uses for purification essential oil - ohlardy.com

There are so many uses for Purification Oil it really surprised me!  This is a must have oil and one that I will always keep on hand. When I first received my premium kit, I didn’t explore this oil first off.  I was busy playing with oils I was more familiar with.  But once I learned all that Purification can … Read More

DIY Reed Diffuser

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With all of these lovely Young Living Essential Oils sitting on my shelf, I knew that I needed a way to get them into my rooms without using a diffuser all day long.  Well, I do that, too, but I don’t have one in every room! Enter the reed diffuser.  I wanted something simple like a reed diffuser for my laundry … Read More

20 Ways to Use Lavender Oil

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Lavender oil has to be one of my most favorite essential oil out there!  It is so versatile and has hundreds of uses!  Plus, it smells amazing!  I diffuse lavender oil in my house daily.  I have it in a reed diffuser in my bedroom, and I diffuse it in each of my children’s bedrooms nightly. Therapeutic-grade lavender oil is … Read More

Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

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Friends, this is it.  An all natural deodorant that works.  WORKS, I tell you!  No crappy ingredients.  Just five natural ones that last all day long.  No stinkiness.  Just smell my pits if you don’t believe me.  But here is where it gets interesting…your doubting husbands and family members may even start to use it.  GASP!   I had been … Read More

Natural Homemade Vapor Rub

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Natural Homemade Vapor Rub - ohlardy.com

We are constantly doing a lot to support our healthy immune systems.  We eat fermented foods, take elderberry syrup, eat lots of green veggies and take Juice Plus.   Awhile back, I was on the hunt for a salve with soothing vapors that I could make at home.  Besides, I have been on the hunt for non-toxic recipes or products to replace the … Read More