Soda and Diabetes: Food for the Disease

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Are you one of the 25.8 million people who suffer from Diabetes?  If so, would you feel comfortable telling your physician that you really enjoy eating at least 10 teaspoons of sugar every day with lunch?  Would your physician approve if you only ate your 10 teaspoons of sugar every few days?  My guess is, NO!  If you are pretty … Read More

Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

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Friends, this is it.  An all natural deodorant that works.  WORKS, I tell you!  No crappy ingredients.  Just five natural ones that last all day long.  No stinkiness.  Just smell my pits if you don’t believe me.  But here is where it gets interesting…your doubting husbands and family members may even start to use it.  GASP!   I had been … Read More

Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Fast Food?

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Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Fast Food -

There are many, many fast food restaurants out there these days.  Obviously, if you are following a Real Food lifestyle, fast food is usually off limits!  But, there are many fast food type restaurants that are marketed as being ‘healthy fast food’…or at least ‘healthier’.  Is this true? Do you follow The Food Babe?  She is an awesome blogger and … Read More

Healthy Child Healthy School Committee

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Healthy Child Healthy School Committee -

Does your child’s school have a focus on healthy eating and living? We have heard so much about childhood obesity and the scary stats that surround that.   The CDC says children born in 2000, 1 out of 3 is expected to develop Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime.  This may be the first generation of children that has a … Read More

Stop Feeding Your Baby Cereal!

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Just Say No to Baby Cereal -

BABY CEREAL IS A COMMON FIRST FOOD TODAY Your baby is getting older, starting to develop an interest in solid foods.  How exciting!   While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a variety of foods for baby’s first foods, what is one of the first traditional solid food recommended??  Rice, oat or wheat cereal or other pre-packaged baby cereal.   … Read More

Real Food Kitchen Tour

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Have you ever wondered what Oh Lardy’s kitchen looks like?  What is beyond that cutting board?  It is your lucky day!  Cheeseslave has hosted Kelly’s kitchen in her Real Food Kitchen Tour! So, take a break from food and pop over there to see how half of Oh Lardy lives – at least in the kitchen.

My First Experience with a Holistic Dentist

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A few weeks back, I posted on Facebook that I was having my first visit with a holistic dentist.  Several people commented and were curious for more information and I promised a post! I am still learning about holistic (or biological) dentistry, but want to share my journey with you.  The timing was also right because there is a great … Read More

5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor (Part 2)

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5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor -

This is part 2 of 5 reasons to see a chiropractor.  For reasons 1-3, click here.   I am a big believer in the value of chiropractic care.  My family gets regular chiropractic care both for pain and injuries as well as general wellness.  I sought chiropractic care during my pregnancy and my daughter had her first adjustment when she … Read More

Got Sea Veggies?

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Got sea vegetables?  6 types you can easily add to your diet!  Do you eat sea vegetables? If you answered no, you are not alone.  Most Americans do not know about sea vegetables nor do we get them in our diets. I remember the first time a nutritionist (an awesome, Weston A Price minded nutritionist) asked me ‘How often do … Read More

Natural Homemade Vapor Rub

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Natural Homemade Vapor Rub -

We are constantly doing a lot to support our healthy immune systems.  We eat fermented foods, take elderberry syrup, eat lots of green veggies and take Juice Plus.   Awhile back, I was on the hunt for a salve with soothing vapors that I could make at home.  Besides, I have been on the hunt for non-toxic recipes or products to replace the … Read More

Dr. Hyman’s 10 Tips for Health and Wellness

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I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Mark Hyman, MD recently.  If you don’t know who Dr. Hyman is you really should check him out.  He is a family physician, a 4-time best selling author and an internationally recognized leader in his field.  He writes often for the Huffington Post and speaks around the world on health and wellness. … Read More

5 Reasons to Ditch the Sports Drink plus a Healthy Alternative!

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5 Reasons to ditch the sports drink -

Ask any athlete what their go-to product for electrolyte replacement is and I guarantee that almost everyone will say Gatorade.  Or Powerade.  Or any other -ade product.  The marketing campaigns of these products has been quite successful.  While most people think that sports drinks are doing their body a favor, in reality these “aids” are doing more harm than good. … Read More