2 Tips to Keep Food From Sticking in Stainless Steel Pans

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Keep Food From Sticking in Your Stainless Pans - www.ohlardy.com
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When you are transitioning to a Real Food kitchen, changing out your pots and pans is a very important step that I recommend when it comes to cooking tools.

Ditch the non-stick pans with their toxic coatings and embrace cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic and enameled cast iron!

Not everyone loves stainless pans at first.  One of the biggest complaints I hear from people when they are new to stainless pans is that food sticks to them.

That doesn't have to happen!  Here are two tips to help you keep food from sticking in stainless steel pots and pans!

1.  Don't Move the Meat too Early!

I learned this in a cooking class years ago.  If you have the problem that meat sticks to the pan, you could be trying to move the meat too early in the cooking process.  When you first place meat into a hot pan with a little oil, the meat will stick.  After you let it cook for several minutes, the proteins will release and you can flip the meat.  If you try to move the meat too soon, it will stick and make a mess.

2.  Season Your Stainless Pans to Make Them Nonstick!

The other tip is to season your stainless pans to make them nonstick!  Did you know this was possible?  Me neither!  My friend, Halle, over at Whole Lifestyle Nutrition gives the lowdown on how to do this.  I was blown away by this!  Who knew!?

Click Here to Learn How to Make Your Stainless Pans Nonstick!


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Keep Food From Sticking in Your Stainless Pans - www.ohlardy.com

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