An Air Conditioner in the Chicken Coop?

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air conditioned chicken coop -

Yes.  You read that correctly.  We put an air conditioner in the chicken coop.  Are my chickens spoiled?  Perhaps.  But they are alive!! Living in Phoenix, I am challenged with keeping my chickens alive during the summer.  Our temps have been known to creep up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fortunately, that isn’t normal.  But 110 is still darn hot!!!   … Read More

Fodder for Chickens

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How to Grow Fodder for Hens

What is fodder, you may ask? Quite simply, it is food for livestock. Usually dried grasses or hay. For my hens, fodder is sprouted grain allowed to grow beautiful green shoots. Lots of chicken owners grow fodder for chickens during the winter months. With snow covered grounds, fresh green grass, essentially, is a welcome treat for hens! Chickens love eating … Read More

Fowl Pox

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fowl pox -

One day while I was tending to my chickens I noticed my sweet Harriet’s comb was looking…odd.  I first wondered if she was getting pecked by the other hens.  But typically pecking wounds are more bloody in nature, and this was looking more ominous than a pecking order issue.  I snapped a quick picture and went inside to research. Fowl … Read More

Chickens and Mites, Oh My!

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I promise that you will get itchy while reading this post!  Along with backyard chicken keeping comes the possibility of a mite infestation.  Ew.  In all of the years I have kept chickens, I have never had to deal with lice or mites.  Knock on wood.  But, they are out there and it still could happen to us!  How can … Read More

Oh Lardy Talks about CHICKENS!

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Kelly loves having chickens SO much, that when Danelle from Weed ’em and Reap asked her to come on her little radio show and talk all about it, she jumped at the chance!   Raising backyard chickens in the middle of a city is definitely becoming more and more popular.  If you don’t currently own chickens, you may be thinking … Read More