What’s in my CSA box – Week 12

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Week 12 brought more delicious seasonal produce into my household.  This week was just veggies and fruit share, which was good, as I still have many blocks of cheese and cartons of yogurt to work through! We received: Cabbage Fresh Garlic Cucumbers Broccoli Parsley Shallots Carrots Arugula Zucchini (yes, more zucchini) Apricots Peaches Blueberries What did I do with all … Read More

Fermented Dilly Kohlrabi Pickles

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Fermented Dilly Kohlrabi Pickles - www.ohlardy.com

I got so much kohlrabi this summer, I was over loaded!  I didn’t know what to do with it all! And, if you know Oh Lardy, you know we ferment anything!  So why not make fermented kolrabi!!! We got quite a bit in our CSA boxes.  I also ended up with extra after teaching a fermenting class and overestimating how … Read More

What’s in my CSA – week 11

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Well, it has been a few weeks since I have updated my CSA journey! (What’s a CSA, you ask? Click here!) Our summer has been flying by.  We have been enjoying the weather…playing tennis, golf, swimming, just relaxing. We have hosted several guests, even one from France.  We had such fun showing him around Chicago for his first time to … Read More

Recipe: Asian-style Sesame Asparagus and What’s in My CSA Box – Week 4

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It’s that time of the week again for “What’s in My CSA Box!” I also have a yummy recipe that is perfect for this season’s asparagus.  It’s a twist on sesame noodles but with nutrient dense asparagus! First off, my CSA box this week was full of delicious spring goodies! spinach two types of head lettuce rhubarb Easter Egg radishes … Read More

What’s in My CSA Box? Week 2

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Well, this past week, I received vegetables only.  I was kind of glad that the veggie only time was this week as we were going out of town for a long weekend. I picked up my delicious veggies and received lettuce asparagus bok choy parsnips lettuce mix ramps (wild leeks) radishes dandelion greens What did we do with this bounty? … Read More

What is a CSA and Why Should You Join One?

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What is a CSA and Why Should You Join One? - www.ohlardy.com

In Real Food circles, you may hear the term ‘CSA’ thrown around a lot. “Oh, I just got the most beautiful chard from my CSA.” “My CSA gives such a beautiful variety of vegetables.” “I can’t wait for my CSA to start back up.” In Chicago, it is getting to (finally) be the time when our CSA will start back … Read More

Zucchini and Herb Frittata

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Zucchini and Herb Frittata - www.ohlardy.com

**This photo cracks me up.  My daughter had already dug in to the frittata before I had a chance to take a picture.  With the basil sprig, we laughed that it looks like Ms. Pacman! My family fell in love with frittatas on a trip to Spain last spring.  Well, really we loved the ‘Spanish omelette’ which is essentially a … Read More