Real Food Camping: Planning Ahead to Play More!

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Does your family like to camp?  We love to camp!  We purchased a tent trailer in 2010 and have been planning camping adventures year after year.  Part of the planning adventure revolves around meal planning.  You may be wondering, “How do I plan a Real Food cooking menu?”  Friends, I am here to tell you it is simple.  The secret … Read More

Ginger Cranberry Pork Roast

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Ginger Cranberry Pork

Are you wanting to make cooking Real Food meals for your family easier? Do you dread 6 pm rolling around and everyone is looking at you asking ‘what’s for dinner’? How would you like to open your freezer in the morning and pull out a nourishing meal that you can toss right in your crockpot?  Voila…dinner is served! This Ginger … Read More

What’s in my CSA box – Week 12

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Week 12 brought more delicious seasonal produce into my household.  This week was just veggies and fruit share, which was good, as I still have many blocks of cheese and cartons of yogurt to work through! We received: Cabbage Fresh Garlic Cucumbers Broccoli Parsley Shallots Carrots Arugula Zucchini (yes, more zucchini) Apricots Peaches Blueberries What did I do with all … Read More

What’s in my CSA – week 11

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Well, it has been a few weeks since I have updated my CSA journey! (What’s a CSA, you ask? Click here!) Our summer has been flying by.  We have been enjoying the weather…playing tennis, golf, swimming, just relaxing. We have hosted several guests, even one from France.  We had such fun showing him around Chicago for his first time to … Read More

Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Fast Food?

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Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Fast Food -

There are many, many fast food restaurants out there these days.  Obviously, if you are following a Real Food lifestyle, fast food is usually off limits!  But, there are many fast food type restaurants that are marketed as being ‘healthy fast food’…or at least ‘healthier’.  Is this true? Do you follow The Food Babe?  She is an awesome blogger and … Read More

Real Food Makeover: Apple Enchiladas

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A couple of weeks ago I had a family member send me a favorite recipe of hers.  Her intent was not only to share it with me, but she wanted me to give it a Real Food Makeover.  Apple enchiladas.  A favorite dessert in the family that she felt could be better.  While she did admit that she substituted butter … Read More

What is a CSA and Why Should You Join One?

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What is a CSA and Why Should You Join One? -

In Real Food circles, you may hear the term ‘CSA’ thrown around a lot. “Oh, I just got the most beautiful chard from my CSA.” “My CSA gives such a beautiful variety of vegetables.” “I can’t wait for my CSA to start back up.” In Chicago, it is getting to (finally) be the time when our CSA will start back … Read More

Can You Eat Real Food at Disney World?

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Can You Eat Real Food at Disney World? -

When you hear ‘theme park food’, you may think of the image below.  Many theme parks have no (or VERY few) healthy options. Disney World is a little different.  With a little planning, it is possible to eat healthy food at Disney World! We just got back from an annual week-long vacation to Orlando.  And, guess what!  We ate mostly … Read More

Stuffed Peppers – Real Food Style

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Stuffed Peppers - Real Food Style -

I have always loved stuffed peppers.  It doesn’t matter if they are little tiny peppers stuffed with cheese or spicy jalapenos stuffed with meat, or big bell peppers stuffed with veggies, rice and sausage…I love them all. My mom used to make stuffed peppers often when I was a kid and they were so delicious.  Unfortunately, looking back on them … Read More

Fermented Jalapeño Rings

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fermented jalapeños -

This is going to be a spicy post, my friend!  Personally, I don’t like things REALLY spicy.  I like a little bit of heat, but nothing that sends me looking for a tall glass of milk.  My husband, on the other hand, LOVES spicy!  If he doesn’t start sweating, it isn’t spicy enough.  In an effort to get my family … Read More