14 Day Sugar Detox Program

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Sugar Detox with Eat Naked Now - www.ohlardy.com

Oh Lardy has teamed up with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Margaret Floyd of Eat Naked Now, to offer you this 14 Day Sugar Detox Program!  She is offering it at a discounted price this weekend only!   By Margaret Floyd, NTP There are lots of things in the standard American diet that we could do without. Anything that turns something whole … Read More

Soda and Diabetes: Food for the Disease

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Are you one of the 25.8 million people who suffer from Diabetes?  If so, would you feel comfortable telling your physician that you really enjoy eating at least 10 teaspoons of sugar every day with lunch?  Would your physician approve if you only ate your 10 teaspoons of sugar every few days?  My guess is, NO!  If you are pretty … Read More

Real Food Transition: Sugar

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Real Food Transition: Sugar - www.ohlardy.com

When you are making the switch to Real Food, there are many ingredients that will need to be swapped out in your kitchen.  It can all be very confusing, but I find taking things one step at a time helps tremendously. I’ve previously written my 10 Tips for starting on Real Food.  Kelly’s has given her story how she just … Read More