10 Natural Ways to Boost Energy

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10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally

Tired?  Exhausted?  Dragging? Want to nap?  Sluggish?  Ever have these feelings? Who hasn’t?   I don’t like to perk myself up using extra coffee, caffeinated soda or pills.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my morning cup of joe…I just don’t like to drink it throughout the day.  The caffeine makes me jittery.  You know Oh Lardy is … Read More

What Causes Heartburn? Too Much Acid…Or Too Little?

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What Causes Heartburn and How to Get Rid of It For Good! - www.ohlardy.com

Many Americans suffer from heartburn and acid reflux.  It can be a very uncomfortable and persistent problem and, sadly, is very common.  Do you ever wonder what causes heartburn?  And, more importantly, how can you prevent heartburn? Have you ever experienced heartburn?  I have on rare occasion and it is not pleasant.  I can not imagine experiencing it after every … Read More