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So, I am not necessarily bored with the ferments that I have in my fridge.  But, I did realize that I always ferment the SAME THINGS.  Again and again.  Simply because we have our favorites.  When I was at the store the other day, this beautiful carton of mushrooms caught my eye.  They even spoke to me.  “Ferment us!”  I thought, can I ferment mushrooms?  Well, why not!?  I grabbed two cartons and some accompanying herbs and tossed them in the cart.

As with most other fermented foods, setting up the mushrooms couldn’t have been easier. Especially since I bought sliced mushrooms.  That was a time saver right there!  I just put all of the ingredients into my quart-sized mason jar, weighed the mushrooms down (they LOVE to float), put the lid on, and waited.  For three days.  I tasted them after 3 days and they were ready.  If your kitchen is cooler, it may take 5 days.  Just taste as you go along and stick them in the fridge when they are just how you like them!

I love the flavor of these mushrooms.  They will be excellent on my scrambled eggs in the morning.  They will also be delicious with the green beans I am making later this week.  Ah!  don’t forget the salads!  Mmmmmm.  If you are a mushroom fan, go ahead and make up a batch of these.  You won’t regret it!



Fermented Mushrooms


1 or 2 8oz packages of mushrooms (I used about 1 and a half packages of sliced mushrooms)
Fresh thyme (a couple sprigs, depending on your taste)
Fresh marjoram (a couple sprigs, depending on your taste)
Smashed garlic (2 or 3 heads, depending on your tastes)
1 tablespoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon veggie culture starter or 2 tbsp liquid whey
Filtered water


Place all of the ingredients into a quart sized mason jar.  I really smashed the mushrooms and other goodies down into the jar to get as many in there as I could.  Then, add filtered water to cover, leaving an inch of head space at the top.  Weigh down your mushrooms because they like to float!  Set on your counter for 3 to 5 days.  Then move to your refrigerator.



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9 thoughts on “Fermented Mushrooms

  1. I have fermented mushrooms in the past, but they turned to mush very quickly. I found the new texture to be very unappetizing. Did I do something wrong? How do you keep them from turning to mush?

    • If you go to the Cultures for Health website, you can find out. I think it was grown using dairy. They have a great customer service system which can answer those questions better. I know they have a vegan yogurt starter…

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