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  1. Hi Tamara & Kelly,

    My name is Lily and I found Oh Lardy while reading through some great websites focused on living a healthy lifestyle. At Personal Creations, our latest project has us trying to round-up the best recipes for healthy eaters, so we can help to promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles for this upcoming year. Currently, we have a list of 30 great recipes from around the Internet but after reading your blog, I know you could add something creative to spice up our list.

    Our goal is to expand this round up by having you share the post on your blog along with your own favorite post-workout tips for fellow health nuts. You have a great following of readers so I know they’d be eager to chime in with a few of their own tips & tricks for staying on the right nutritional track!

    Would you be interested in participating? Let me know, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


  2. Tamara,
    Is there a holistic dentist that you would recommend in the Chicago area? Have you look into this at all? I’ve had a piece of a molar break off. The information available on the various toxic metals used in crowns is pretty disturbing.
    Thank you very much!

  3. Where can I get me one of those wide mouth funnels I saw Tamara using in her Quick Start Fermenting video? That is awesome and I can’t find them anywhere.

  4. I purchased and downloaded the Fermenting ebook. I saved it as a PDF file but I am not able to access it now. It does not show up in any files on my computer. I tried it on my laptop and PC both. Is there an issue with saving it?

  5. I purchased the Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables book during the black friday sale and have not received any instructions on how to download the book. Could you please tell me how to get the book I ordered? Thanks,
    Stacey Hankel

  6. Hello! I just purchased your book “Fermenting Fruits & Vegetabels. Unfortunately I don’t understand how to download the copy. Will you please give me a hint? Yngvild

  7. hi tamara. i loved, loved, loved your class at botanic gardens yesterday. so informative and fun. i would like to purchase 3 of the essential oils that we used in class, (lavender, citrus, and thieves. i would also like to purchase the grapeseed oil as well. please let me know how i can do this. thax for your help.
    shirley hutchinson

  8. I also purchased the fermenting e book on18th of june .but where is it have not been able to down load it download many e books on pdf files so i know how to do it. I have paid with pay pal do i have to contact them to get it .have never had this problem before . can you help me please


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