Essential Oils Dilution Chart


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Essential Oils Dilution Chart




8 Comments on “Essential Oil Dilution Chart – Printable”

  1. What an awesome gift of information, just printed mine for the wall….thank you ever so much!
    Love and light!

  2. Thanks for the chart!

    If my “mixture” calls for 1 drop grapefruit,3 drops orange,3 drops tangerine, 1 drop rose geranium…how much carrier oil is that supposed to go into? Is there a formula/chart for creating/diluting multiple EOs for a single formula?

    1. It would depend how strong or week a dilution you want for your usage. You have 8 drops of EO for your mixture. So, if you wanted around a 10% dilution you would use about a tsp of carrier oil. If you wanted a 3% dilution, use about 3 tsp of carrier oil. It is up to you and how strong you want it. The chart just covers number of drops of EO, doesn’t matter if it is one eo or a mixture.

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