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DIY Reed Diffuser

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With all of these lovely Young Living Essential Oils sitting on my shelf, I knew that I needed a way to get them into my rooms without using a diffuser all day long.  Well, I do that, too, but I don't have one in every room!

Enter the reed diffuser.  I wanted something simple like a reed diffuser for my laundry room where I keep the cat's litter box.  Diffusing Purification would be perfect to neutralize any odor as well as add a delightful fresh aroma to the air.

In my bedroom, I wanted the essence of lavender constantly lingering in the air.  Reed diffusers are great for bathrooms, too!

Not having any clue as to how to make them, I found this delightful tutorial from Vanessa over at Healthy Living How To!  She has a great video to watch, too!

I did a google search for reed diffuser supplies and found a bunch of options!  I just ordered a couple vessels for the oil and a bunch of sticks!  I think it was all less than $30.

The only ingredient that I added to my oil mixture in each vessel is a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol.  Apparently this aids with the absorption of the oils up the reeds.

I flip the reeds over when I notice that I can't smell the fragrance anymore.  The diffuser should last for months!  Once your reeds are saturated, simply replace them with new reeds!

Do you use reed diffusers?  What is your favorite scent combination?

For more information on how to order Young Living Essential Oils for your reed diffusers click HERE!

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DIY Reed Diffuser