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Essential Oil Suppository

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Essential oil suppositories. Yeah, I said it. Suppositories. Have I scared you away yet? If not, stay a while! I promise, this post isn’t as scary as it sounds!

When talking about essential oil usage, the most common way to use them is to apply them topically to the skin or inhale them either through a diffuser, or just simply off of your hands. The more controversial way (or so it seems) to use essential oils is to use them internally.

Let me be real clear here. Young Living Essential Oils are the ONLY essential oils I would EVER take internally. I have seen how these oils are distilled and bottled. I believe in the Seed to Seal process and I absolutely trust my farmer. Young Living is completely transparent with how they produce their oils. I do not know any other company that will allow a consumer to observe how an essential oil is produced.

That being said, let’s talk suppositories. Why on earth would you ever want to put oils up your butt? When essential oils are taken rectally, they bypass the liver and are readily absorbed into the blood stream. Plus, the pH in the rectum is more alkaline, which essential oils happen to love!

So why would you choose taking essential oils rectally versus orally when using them internally? One thing I learned while I was in Idaho is to put the oil where it is needed. If you feel stress in your shoulders, put the oil of your choice on your shoulders. If you are feeling an emotion in your belly, put the appropriate oil where you feel it. If you need respiratory support, inhale your oils.

Now, obviously if you are having a rectal issue, it makes most sense to put the oils there. But another reason to use essential oils rectally is when you want to get an oil working FAST.

So how do you do it? I know some people who simply fill a syringe with coconut oil and their drops of essential and squirt it right up there. The other option is to make a suppository. There are suppository molds that would be perfect for this. But if you are needing to make them in a pinch, simply using a straw as a mold and freezing it will get the trick done!

In this video I explain why you would even consider using an essential oil suppository and I show you how I made it! Just a quick disclaimer, I filmed this at night right after my kids went to bed. I was trying to be quiet and as a result I was strictly business. I am realizing now that a few well-placed poop jokes would have probably been appreciated!

Have you had success with oil suppositories?

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Essential oil suppository - ohlardy.com