Here at Oh Lardy it is our great desire to nourish our families with Real Food.  All of the information out there can be very overwhelming.  Our goal is to share our journey through the Real Food world, educate others about Real Food and demonstrate how easy it is to make changes to eating habits and food styles.  We will show you how to simply and realistically incorporate Real Foods into your own kitchen.  What works for one, may not work for another and that is okay!  We will share research and articles on why these changes are so valuable to your health and well being.  Oh Lardy feels it is very important to know where our food comes from. We want to know the ingredients and how it is processed.  This knowledge can give you power over your food choices so you are able to spend your food dollar with awareness.

We live in different parts of the country with Tamara in Chicago and Kelly in Phoenix.  We have different backgrounds, families, and lifestyles.  Both of us began our journey to Real Food at different times, at different paces, and for different reasons.  Yet, we share a concern about the quality of our food supply, the dangers of added chemicals, GMOs, food dyes, and inferior ingredients.

We love local farmer’s markets, fresh eggs (especially the warm ones right out of the coop!), fresh milk, organic produce, cooking, experimenting, fermenting, gardening and composting!  We enjoy authors such as Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin and value the research of Weston A. Price.  We are excited to share our knowledge and excitement with you and we hope to learn from you and each other as we continue on our own Real Food adventure!

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