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Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

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Friends, this is it.  An all natural deodorant that works.  WORKS, I tell you!  No crappy ingredients.  Just five natural ones that last all day long.  No stinkiness.  Just smell my pits if you don’t believe me.  But here is where it gets interesting…your doubting husbands and family members may even start to use it.  GASP!

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I had been enjoying my successful deodorant recipe for a few weeks.  My husband, who so lovingly refers to me as a modern hippy, would roll his eyes if I asked him to try my deodorant for himself.  Or so I thought…

One day, he confesses to me, “So, I tried your homemade deodorant yesterday.”  I raise my eyebrows in surprise.  He continues, “That is the BEST deodorant I have ever used in my entire life!  Seriously, Kelly, I have always had a bit of BO at the end of the day.  Now I don’t.  Consider me a customer for life!”  My little modern hippy soul did a tiny happy dance that day.

The next day he says to me, “You know, I love this deodorant but my pits are on FIRE today!”  I let him know that he may have a sensitivity to the baking soda.  He replies with, “So, your deodorant is strong enough for a man, but apparently pH balanced for a woman!”

I went back to the drawing board committed to finding a recipe that worked for him.  After a few trials and errors (his poor, poor pits) I found something that works!  It has just as much odor control as the original recipe, without all of the burn.  Honestly, most homemade deodorants are made up of the same ingredients.  In this recipe I just adjusted the ratio of baking soda to arrowroot powder until I had a balance that worked for my husband.  Seriously, the uses for baking soda never cease to amaze me!

If you have a sensitivity to baking soda, but REALLY want to make your own deodorant, give this recipe a try!  Just halve the recipe for your trial period.  Also, go tell all of the naysayers who think you are weird, that your deodorant is better than their Right Guard, or whatever they use.  And if they STILL don’t believe you, send them over to me.  If they need to smell it to believe it, I will make sure my husband just completed a long run AFTER a full day of work.

Does the thought of removing chemicals from your home seem daunting to you? Don’t sweat it. In just 5 days you can be well on your way to a toxin free home! Grab your 5 easy steps here!

Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

A homemade deodorant that is perfect for sensitive skin!



  • Mix all of your ingredients together and store in a small jar in your medicine cabinet!
  • Your deodorant will be like a paste, so just scoop some out with your finger to apply.

Learn more about why I love this recipe!

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  1. Do you think this would help with the red bumps that I get from shaving irritation as well? I’ve got super sensitive skin under my arms that breaks out very easily 🙁 I don’t use shaving cream on account of the chemicals plus the reaction & I’ve tried other natural items (shaving cream & deodorants) to help but, so far, no luck. I’ve been looking for something that would help with the irritation while combating odor. I’m hoping that maybe this deodorant combined with olive or coconut oil as my shaving cream might help…any advice? Thanks!!

    1. I am actually going to be making a shave soap for my hubby soon. I just need to get some aloe vera. That being said, I am going to try it out as well in sensitive areas. I will report back here with the results and share the recipe!

    2. I don’t shave anymore (I use an epilator) but I use the same method now as when I did. I shave in the evening, then use coconut oil and sometimes some healing and soothing essential oil (like lavender or tea tree), to sooth the skin. The oils all have some deodorizing properties but not enough for daytime I find. In the morning I can use DIY deodorant. My favourite oils to add to my deodorant are, Summer, Ylang Ylang and Lemon, Winter Orange, Patchouli, and Rose. Hope this helps you!

      1. I made this today with Mountain Rose Herbs French Green Clay and sadly, it turns my pits green 🙁 I’m going on a cruise in 10 days and going to be wearing tank tops, probably not totally attractive having green pits. So I will have to get some other clay when I return and try again!

  2. I shave with coconut oil. easy! love it! I was wondering why the clay in the deodorant. This looks easier than the recipe I have, but my family seems to like it that I pour mine into a reused deodorant container for them.

  3. Is the clay essential? I don’t have any on hand at the moment, but have everything else and could thus make it NOW. 🙂

    1. I’m trying this out because I make my own deodorant that has everything except the bentonite clay and it makes my armpits break out in a horrible rash after a few days. I’ve used it for years, it was AWESOME (I can’t say this enough… better than any store bought brand, natural or not). So awesome that I started making it for almost all my friends. Then with my most recent pregnancy I started breaking out so I’ve been looking for something less painful now, but that works as well… Because Everclear and Tea Tree Oil are not cutting it right now… 🙁 Anyway, all that said, yes, you can do all baking soda with arrowroot or corn starch and it works great. But if you have sensitive skin then it might cause a rash… Just sharing my thoughts. I can post back here if anyone is interested if this is any less irritating… 🙂

  4. I have made this and I’m having a problem with the oil rising to the top. When it is in the refrigerator it is too hard, but in my bathroom it turns into a paste, which is fine except for the separation. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? In all, I love it. It is working for my sensitive pits…whereas the other homemade recipe caused a terrible rash.

    1. I live in AZ, and I had the same problem. I used a q-tip to stir and reincorporate the oil into the paste. Keep with it, because after a week or so, all of a sudden it stayed mixed in. It became the perfect paste!

  5. What about it leaving stains or residue on your clothing? I wouldn’t want a big green spot coming through my white shirt. Just a noob question but I’m new to natural remedies and am learning as much as possible to detox my family and myself. Thanks!

    1. I had the exact same question! However, I made it anyhow and I tried it on my forearm and it did turn it green. I’m going on a cruise in 10 days and I don’t want green armpits so… back to the drawing board!!

      1. I use Pit Paste – it is amazing and doesn’t stain. Maybe give it a try and f you love it, use their ingredient list to concoct your own?

        1. I am allergic to pit paste. Is there a recipe for deoderant that works well, without baking soda? I am allergic to the baking soda.

    2. According to Mountain Rose Herbs website (where I would order Bentonite Clay), the clay is stainless. Whereas Lisabeth below says it stained her skin green, I see in an earlier post she used French Green Clay, which is different and is probably how she got green skin. Here is the info from MRH’s website about Bentonite Clay: “Bentonite, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays. Bentonite can be used externally as a clay poultice, mud pack or in the bath and, in skin care recipes. A good quality Bentonite should be a grey/cream color and anything bordering “pure white” is suspect. It has a very fine, velveteen feel and is odorless and non-staining.

  6. Yeah, whenever I’ve experimented with different home-made recipes, I’ve had issues with residue build-up. I decided to give this brand a shot – http://www.lavilin.com

    My sister-in-law speaks very highly of it. She’s got sensitive skin like me and she said that Lavilin has never once irritated her skin. All-natural too!

  7. Made this today AND LOVE IT! I made a very small batch because of what Lizabeth said about it turning armpits green, but I (luckily) had the exact same clay the author suggested. I used a very small amount, had an extremely stressful day, and I DO NOT SMELL at all! I smelled like tea tree oil for about a half hour, but it apparently dissipated very quickly! I even used this after shaving and wearing white- no red, bumpy rash for me or green on my dress! Could not happier! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

  8. Hello thanks for this. I tried baking soda vornstarch version and i had a rash. My pit felt on fire. It actually has burn marks now. I tried yours and it worked like magic. And my hubby who ran out loccitane deo tried. He biked for 40 kilometers and when he got back he smelled much less. Normally i would beg him to go straight to the shower. This time i was not disturbed at all. He didnt smell!

    I changed the bentonite to kaolin thought. Cause i have bentonite pellets (hartz ph5 cat litter) kaolin powder. Was too lazy to grind bentonite. But the kaolin worked as well

  9. Hey! This looks awesome! I’ve been so irritated by the baking soda in mine so I will probably make this tonight! 🙂

    Does the inclusion of clay in this recipe change the shelf life? Or is it okay since water is not mixed in?

  10. Stacey maybe you live in a cool temperature area? I remember browsing and a blog give a recipe for those in cooler temperature

    Another possibility is you add not enough oil. I did it once when i coulnt remember whether i had added kaolin/bentonite or not.. Just add a few drops of coconut oil to start till you get the consistency you like.

    Grace, my hubby and i both used this deodorant daily (sometimes i used lime wedges swipe it for pure natural juice dedoroant that also works well.. But i often forget to buy lime). Last time i made this was almost two months a go and it is still good. I have to make a new batch tonight tho as only specks of it remains in the jar hehe

    1. Lime, that is so cool. It’s what birds do to keep their feathers clean and parasite free, just rub the juice in. I’ll have to give it a try.

  11. I am so going to try this because my hubby also found my baking soda deodorant too harsh on his skin. He also complains of fire in his armpits when using my baking soda deo. And I thought I have sensitive skin! Men are from Mars and they need clay to survive! 😀 Thanks for sharing this!

  12. I came across your recipe and am very excited about trying it! One question …have you tried HBG all natural deodorant powder? It consists of baking soda, corn starch and arrowroot powder…I wonder if this is a good option and how much should I use?

  13. this stuff really gets rid of the stink!
    even though this keeps me smelling nice – I’m sweating a lot and getting wet pit stains. I know it’s not an anit-persprit but is there anything I can do/add or increase in the recipe to help with that?

  14. This is great. I did have a reaction to the baking soda too, but I simply scaled it back without increasing anything except the coconut oil base of course. Mine consists of only those two ingredients plus tea tree oil. I don’t know the ratios, but I mix baking soda in until it feels right. If it’s too gritty, I know it will burn.
    I also had major burn from this when using it on shaven armpits. So I just cut with scissors now! Baking soda is too good to give up on.

  15. I am allergic to pit paste. Is there a recipe for deoderant that works well, without baking soda? I am allergic to the baking soda.

  16. I love the idea for making our own chemical-free deodorants but why should women be pressured to shave? If it weren’t for the social pressure I wouldn’t shave at all.

  17. I have used only Dr. Bronner liquid soap as a deodorant for years and it works very well for me. I especially like peppermint.

  18. I’m too lazy to make my own, lol!! But my new years resolution is to try new things, so will give this recipe a shot. Currently using Lavilin, but will compare to this recipe and see which works best for me 🙂

  19. I found this recipe a few weeks ago, and a week later I had bought all the ingredients for it. I love it! I have struggled for years to find a deodorant I like (store bought) that isn’t antiperspirant, so I was so excited when I made this! I have one problem though, the consistency of mine is totally different than how y’all are describing. Mine is closer to the store bought, and not the paste that y’all talk about. I put it in a glass jar as described, I’m wondering if I bought the wrong type of ingredients, or if I should just adjust my storage container and roll with it. (ha ha, get it?) I would appreciate some feedback on this! Thanks!

    1. It sounds like your bathroom is on the cooler side. When I make my deodorant in the winter, it is solid in the morning. In the summer, it is more like a paste. Definitely roll with it! 😉

  20. I have had great luck with homemade deodorants when it comes to odor and wetness control, but my biggest obstacle is the baking soda – it makes one (only one!) pit irritated and red, so i had resorted to using medicated powder, which doesn’t work as well. I just made a batch of the sensitive skin recipe, we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping I don’t have irritation!

    I used clary sage and tea tree oil esential oils; I love the clary sage smell, and the two of them have good anti-bacterial properties.

  21. I love this homemade deodorant for sensitive skin. When I made it, I let the coconut oil get really soft, but not liquid, then mixed all ingredients and put in an old recycled deodorant container. I then put in the refrigerator to harden up some. After it hardened, I took it out and have left it on my nightstand and it’s been fine. It doesn’t melt but stays softened. Just wanted to share for anyone that wants to put in a recycled deodorant container that it works. By the way, for anyone wondering I live in Louisiana so yeah it gets pretty hot down here.

  22. My bathroom stays quite cold. The coxonut oil I keep in there is always hard. Do you think this recipe would work in a deodorant stick?

    1. Yes! In the winter my deodorant is quite hard. I scoop some out and warm it up in my hands and then apply it. So, a deodorant stick will work well if your bathroom is always cold.

  23. We’ve been using this for almost a month now & love it! Finally got my husband to throw away his store bought deodorant. Thank you so much for the recipe!

  24. I have tried a couple other homemade deo recipes but haven’t found one I love. The first one I tried left greasy stains on my clothes, the second one didn’t combat stinky pits very well. I see that your recipe is more of a paste, but I’m actually wanting a solid so I can use it in an old deodorant container. I’d rather not keep it in the fridge (my bathroom is on a different floor of our house than the kitchen) so do you have any suggestions as to how I can solidify it more? I’m wondering if by adding some cocoa butter that may harden it more? Or should I just add more clay/arrowroot/baking soda? Thanks!!

    1. I’ve read about beeswax being added as an ingredient for sticks, but do not know how much per recipe is added.

  25. I just tried making this and I’m having trouble rubbing it in, even after adding extra coconut oil. I used powder bentonite clay.. I’m wondering, did you use powdered clay or clay already in the liquid form?

  26. I have been using the coconut, arrowroot and baking soda deodorant with great results. I added some of the bentonite clay and the consistency of the deodorant is much better. However, once I had been using the new deodorant for a couple of weeks, I started getting what feel like clogged pores under my arms (red, painful, welts or boils). I am wondering, is this because the clay is drawing out impurities or am I having a reaction to the clay?

    1. I would stop using the deodorant and see if they go away. Bentonite clay is definitely a detoxifier, but I would imagine the toxins would come out with your sweat. Quit the deodorant for a while and see if you clear up and then try it again. My guess is if they return, you are having some type of reaction to the deodorant. Also, are you using any essential oils? I had a terrible reaction when I used EOs from the store. Since adding Young Living oils, I have had no problems.

    2. That’s from the baking soda. Just like many others here having problems with it. I used a coconut oil/baking soda for years, with no problems, and then it just went south. Took me a long time to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good replacement without baking soda. Nothing is really working, so pretty much going hippie these days. This is why I am looking at this blog, hoping to find some awesome solution 🙁

  27. hi! instead of coconut oil can i use cocoa butter or any other oil? I can´t stand the smell of coconut oil, it is too strong. Thanks! great recipe.

  28. When I was using nasty storebought antiperspirants and deodorants, I would get hard lumps in my armpits. The doctor said it was just “lymph congestion” and that I should ignore it. Yeah. Like I’m gonna ignore that big red STOP sign!

    I use a very similar recipe to yours, but with lemon, cajeput, chamomile, clove, lavender, and myrrh essential oils because they help detox the lymph glands. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I use about 1/3 the baking soda and make up the difference in arrowroot. I can’t be sure they are connected, but since I’ve given up the nasties, I have fewer sore throats, no lumps, my face has cleared up and if I go a day without wearing my homemade deodorant, I don’t smell nearly as bad as I used to.

  29. Thank you for this amaazing recipe!! I don’t usually have a problem with body odor unless it’s a really long day then I’d kinda smell by the time I got off the bus home. I tried this out and I found out that it didn’t really work as an antiperspirant for me but the body odor WAS gone. Unfortunately, it’s not very comfortable in the morning since my armpits felt oily, making me feel as if I perspire more than normal. But I still use it every now and then to make sure I don’t smell by the end of the day since it does the job amazingly. Bye-bye BO 🙂
    The strange thing is, I gave some to my sister and she said her armpits were completely dry on a really hot day even though she usually perspires so much. I wonder if the different result was due to the fact that when I brought it home, due to my inadequate packaging the oil leaked out and what was left was some kind of a paste. So I guess the essential oils are not exactly essential here? 😀
    Soo do you think I should just tip the jar over and discard the oils? Or do you have any tip to make sure the ingredients mix completely? Since every morning the oils would be at the top and I’d have to stir it (again) to mix them. This also means the oils will always leak out when I take it on my trips

    1. You are right, this deodorant is NOT an antiperspirant. We are supposed to sweat! When I initially mix up this deodorant, it is really wet. I have to stir it every morning as the coconut oil raises to the top. However, after 3 days or so the bentonite clay does a good job at absorbing most of the moisture and it remains as a paste. I don’t have to stir it anymore. In the summer, it is definitely more soft than in the winter.

  30. I am so trying this! I make my own deodorant which I love, but I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been getting rashy every now and then. I just ordered some bentonite clay to use for homemade toothpaste, so when that comes it I’m going to make this. Thank you and my pits thank you. 😉 (sorry, was that TMI?)

  31. I’m excited to try this! Lately I’ve been breaking out from using regular deodorant and plus I’m taking the dive into a more natural way of living. However, I was wondering, any idea on if this is safe for children? My kiddo is 7, and I’ve recently noticed her little underarms are a bit fresh, if you know what I mean. Earlier this week I tried coconut oil on her underarms and unfortunately I can’t say that I followed up to see if it worked or held her through the night before she took her shower the next morning.

  32. I made this last night and it is so nice! I used all the recipe ingredients as listed but added in 1 TBSP Grape Seed Oil as vitamin E content
    2 TBSP Bees wax dots so it would become solid as a stick deodorant

    I melted the bees wax alone at low power level in a tiny jar in the microwave.

    As that melted I mixed all my ingredients in a bowl and had them blended with a fork until evenly mixed.

    I poured in the bees wax and incorporated it well into the other ingredients.

    Then I added my essential oils and in addition to the essential oils the recipe called for, I added Bergamot and Myrrh. I like the Bergamot smell and myrrh is calming and soothing.

    It turned out beautifully and filled two 4.5 oz tubes with fresh lovely deodorant.

    I promptly showered and tried it out at bedtime. Next afternoon I’m still fresh as a daisy. Thank you for sharing. It is very appreciated.

  33. I’m glad I read this article, I went from using a roll on deodorant to a powder deodorant & my armpits burned & came out in a rash so bad that the doctor gave me antibiotics. I will try this & hopefully it will work

  34. I ordered 100 % Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay can I still use it to make the deodorant even if it has calcium in it .

  35. Can you annotate your recipe to read that the coconut oil needs to be in its solid state? I wasted some good oil…

    1. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. It does melt around 72 degrees or so. If you were using liquid coconut oil, that is called fractionated coconut oil, which is a modified version of coconut oil.

    2. David, I actually melt my coconut oil as it makes it easier to incorporate all of the ingredients. Then I stick it in the fridge for 20 minutes to solidify. Then I move it to my medicine cabinet!

  36. I feel very silly about this, but I didn’t know you should never use a metal bowl or spoon to mix bentonite clay until AFTER I whipped up a batch of this deodorant in a big metal bowl (using a metal spoon to scoop the clay into said bowl). Should I toss this batch and start over? I would hate to waste all those ingredients.. Is this batch a total loss?

  37. I made the deodorant and love how well it works. The problem I’m having, however, is that it’s rock hard and very difficult to get any onto my fingers and apply. I keep it in my bathroom, not refrigerated so I’m wondering if I might have added too much clay? Is there something I can add to it or change about it to make it more paste-like?

  38. Does the Bentonite Clay you add to it leave a stain on clothes? I’ve never tried it with Bentonite and maybe it will help because I suffer from underarms boils but I am skeptical because of it.

    1. No, the clay has not stained my clothes. However, the coconut oil does leave an oily residue. I have found that treating the pits of my shirts with a stain treatment before washing helps break up the oils on the clothes and washes them out.

  39. I tried one recipe for deodorant before and it was such a nightmare. I want to try again but I’m scared! I had lumps under my arms for a couple weeks and couldn’t put anything on them because it hurt. I’m normal now but boy was that something I’ll never forget. It was made with coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda and corn starch. Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to try again.

    1. Unfortunately, the baking soda is essential to this recipe to control odor. My husband has a sensitivity to baking soda as well. The original recipe had much more baking soda in it. When experimenting I tried eliminating the baking soda all together, but it just didn’t work. For us, the tablespoon was enough to control odor and not enough for him to react badly to it.

      1. I’ve seen other recipes that use baking powder (aluminum free), instead of baking soda. there is still BS in it but it’s a much smaller quantity. Making one of these recipes today so will post back after we’ve used it for a while! I also am sensitive to BS.

  40. I was wondering if this would help with my underarms. I am so sick of getting rashes and pimples under my arms. I’ll switch deodorant to deodorant and it goes away for a while then comes back no matter what i do. I started using crystal body deodorant today but found out that i does not work too great. Some people say that you need to apply the crystal then apply a solid/liquid to help it. I am at my ropes end. I cant not wear deodorant cause if i do i smell like a skunk. Any advice on what i should do?

  41. Someone recommended I try this recipe out and I am sad to say that even with the drastically reduced baking soda, it still irritates my underarms. Are there any substitutions you would recommend?

  42. Gal, wearing natural deo has been a stuggle for me. I have sensitive skin so baking soda was out of the question. I’m a stinky gal without baking soda !!! Lol!! I detoxed for 3 weeks before trying your deo. I cut back on my sugar and meat intake, drunk lots of water, diy green tea, green tea matchas, and exercised. Week 2, I also used lemon juice as a deo for a week but i realized i was back to square 1.
    Week 2, I changed deos. I used a deo spray with lavender, frankincense, tea tree, and with hazel. Every time I got stanktified, I gently washed my pits with coconut oil soap and detoxed with Benodite clay. Every 4 hours!!!! Week 3, I used your deo and SCORE!!!
    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!
    Your deo interested me because during week 2, I wore Benodite Clay in my pits to detox for the first time. As i worked in the yard the whole haute day, I was not musty. So I searched for clay deos and your popped up. Your deo called for baking soda and that scared me. But I realized that I have been detoxing and that I’d I wear your deo, I will continue to detox.
    I thank God for your deo recipe. I’m very happy with the outcome!!!

  43. This recipe works! I’ve tried a few homemade deodorant recipes and didn’t like them. One had cocoa and shea butter and was much too oily. Stained my clothes and didn’t stop odor effectively. This works great and it’s not oily at all! My coconut oil was liquid as it was very hot the day I made this so I added about an extra teaspoon of arrowroot powder and clay. Thanks for a great recipe! I used Frankincense, Lavender and Geranium oils.

  44. I use Shea Butter. Tea Tree Essential Oil keeps the stink out. Y’all are all breaking out because you are shaving your pits with hot water instead of using cold water. Science is wonderful.

  45. Do you mean you just wash with Dr. Bonners liquid soap in the shower or actually apply small bit each day to pits?

  46. There is more lead from collard greens and spinach and the clay holds on to lead so doesn’t enter body..thought I read. I have a fatty liver..trying to go natural. I am going to try tonight

  47. You may like to research cypress essential oil. It reduces excessive sweating.I use this recipie. It works very well for me.

  48. OM gosh Peggy! Your Dr actually told you NOT to worry about congested lymph glands?! Wow, your doc def needs to be educated. Lymph congestion (caused by the nasty ingredients such as alumin in ordinary antiperspirant) is serious, as those of us searching for safe alternatives, know. I’m glad to know you didn’t listen to him/her.

    I don’t care for Drs but that’s prob because I have to see several on a regular basis due to a very bad back (up to 4 surgeries as of 4/15) & all the physical, emotional, mental & relationship complications that go along with it. All I can say is, if my Dr had such a nonchalant attitude regarding something such as what you’ve experienced, I’d either school him, find another Dr or, more likely, both. 😉

    Ok, Ik I got of topic a bit, sorry all & thanks for bearing with me. I’m in the group that’s extremely sensitive to baking powder in my deo. I’ve tried at least 4 different deo recipes w/o baking soda & while I’ve had all end up with a nice consistency (to a 1/2 C amt ttl, I add a Tbsp beeswax in order to have a hard enough product when poured into an old deo container) & have experienced a softening/moisturizing of my pit skin, which has been nice, none work to control odor. In researching other uses for my Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (which, btw, IS edible according to customer Svcs at aztec-secret.com, in case any are wanting to try it’s benefits when ingested, as I do), I happened upon this blog & I’m so glad I have. I’ll be making this deo recipe tonight & will post my experience later on. I’ve high hopes as so many have posted positive results. Thanks for the recipe!

  49. I wanted to add that when making anything containing bentonite clay, metal containers & utensils are a big NO NO! This is because bentonite clay has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet in and on our bodies, pulling metals and toxins to it. It also has an affect on the body’s pH and provides the body with some vital minerals at the same time.

  50. This is the second home made deodorant that I’ve tried and it’s not causing a rash, I don’t smell, and somehow I’m sweating less than when I was using the store bought stuff. Thank you so much for the recipe! I’m going to try adding beeswax though because as much as I love this deodorant spreading it on with my hand is still so strange.

  51. I know I’m super late to this post but I just wanted to say that baking soda is completely unnecessary to deodorant made with bentonite clay, which is what controls the odor. By all means, keep it in if it works for you but for those who are looking for an alternative, they can just omit it. You can add a TB of beeswax and more essential oil drops as well. I do and then put it in a deodorant container, swipe my armpits with it, but then rub it in with a finger just to make sure I got good coverage.
    For those looking to reduce sweat, lemongrass is supposed to reduce excessive sweating. I add it to the batch I make for my 13-year old son and with a couple more oils, it smells really good! I

  52. Any recommendations for using an oil other than coconut oil? I am allergic to coconut and almond….

  53. I have a tried a ton of DIY and other natural deodorants and this is THE ONE. It doesn’t irritate. It doesn’t stain. It lasts all day. I now make it for almost everyone I know. This is really the best recipe out there for homemade deodorant.

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