Immersion Challenge – November 2018



  • Are you ready to take your health and wellness to the next level
  • Are you ready to really LIVE Above the Wellness Line? Are you tired of well… being tired?
  • Are you wondering why you just can't seem to get the hang of this oily life?
  • Are you a brand new member who is EXCITED to immerse yourself in all things related to wellness-food choices, exercise, stress reduction, oiling productively, and really start making those changes in your home?
  • Do you have one week (JUST ONE WEEK!) to make that happen and live your best life yet?

Have we got a brand new, never before offered opportunity just for you!


What it is:

  • This 1 week, on line, easy to follow along “boot camp” like experience will give you daily videos, tutorials, coaching and education like you have NEVER received before from some amazing leaders on this team!
  • We've got qualified and experienced leaders ready to lead you to wellness via essential oils.
  • All of this is from the comfort of your OWN home(which means it is perfect if you are one of our far away members who can never get to classes) And MUCH, MUCH MORE!


Here are the details:

1. You must be an ACTIVE member in our Oily Living family with a premium starter set (Everyone in this group SHOULD already have this because you purchased it to become a member).

2. You will need certain Young Living products on hand to participate-some of you may already have these products and if you do you will need to post a screenshot selfie of you below WITH the 6 products necessary to participate to show us you are ready. If you do not have these products yet, you will need to purchase the following products (You can place the order on your ER order and process it right away so you have them in time for the start date of November 4)

We wanted to give you plenty of time to order these products (if you don't have them on hand!) in October!

The products are:

(1)Christmas Spirit blend ($10.50)
(1) Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste (or other YL toothpaste) ($10.50)
(1) Bottle of Super B Vitamin ($20.25)
(1) 14oz bottle of Thieves Laundry Detergent ($29.50)
(1) bar soap – any ($10.50 – $12.50)
(1)Thieves mouthwash ($11.25)

That's it! Just those 6 things!

Where can you get this kind of coaching just for purchasing your own products??? NOWHERE!!

Once you have placed your order (if you don't already have these) post a screenshot on our FB group:  or email [email protected]

If you already own some of these, post a pic of them in your home!

We have SPECIFICALLY chosen these SIX products (and of course your PSK oils) because we feel these are the SIX that are going make the biggest initial impact and get you feeling great, FAST!

Once you have posted either a) your selfie showing YOU with the products OR b) your screenshot of your order showing you bought them, you will be placed into a special Facebook GROUP (just like this one) to await the start date!

This EXPERIENCE runs Monday November 4- Sunday November 10

And what do you get BESIDES all the coaching and education… here's where this gets REALLY good!

1. Everyday there will be posts, videos, and educational content and an OCCASIONAL homework assignment (we cannot stress enough that none of these things will be time invasive-this will be a go at your own pace, two week learning and immersion experience)- in MANY of the videos(which will all be 10 minutes or less), the leader or coach doing the video will be giving things away DAILY, sometimes MULTIPLE TIMES per day!

That means daily opportunities for you to win oils, products, special incentives from your coaches and MUCH more, just for watching and commenting! You will have 24 hours to watch any of the videos and comment to be a potential winner for that video!

2. Each member that participates will be given TWO VIP guest/non member passes. This is BIG guys, and here's why-it's wonderful to be healthier, it's wonderful to be getting your life on track, but we all have friends, family members, co-workers, etc. that we KNOW we want on that journey with us, am I right?

As part of your admittance you will be allowed to invite two non member GUESTS to just follow along, be in the group and watch the whole thing for the whole two weeks. They don't have to purchase the products, or do ANYTHING- just be specifically chosen by YOU to experience this with you.(And yes, they can have a chance at winning some of the prizes, too!)

Our hope is after this experience they will want to become YL members, too and join our amazing oily lifestyle! I mean seriously, after a full week of watching all this good coaching and training, how could they not? Life is sweeter when we are sharing wellness with those we love!

You only get two, so pick wisely! Once you have chosen your two guests, please give that information to your closest to Tamara, Kelly or Mary so they can track the guests and report in to me!

We just know that this one week experience is going to change your life.

No, like we KNOW it is, step by step, daily instruction on how to use Young Living products to achieve it, fun, giveaways, being the best version of you… it's all going to be EPIC!

So who's in?


Do you have one week to change your life? I think you do!