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Welcome to our amazing community! 

Here we go!  Are you ready to get your LEARNING on with essential oils!  We are so proud of you for investing this time in learning about your oils!!!!

In this video you will learn what Essential Oils are and why Young Living is the ONLY choice when it comes to Essential Oils.

Do you know what essential oils are?  Why are they ‘essential’?

We are going to talk all about Young Living’s amazing Seed to Seal guarantee and why this is the ONLY oil company we trust!

Watch the video:

More about Seed to Seal:

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Do you know how to safely use your essential oils?

What is a carrier oil and which one is best to use?  

There are 3 ways to use Young Living Essential Oils…all are amazing!  We share our tips and tricks with you here!

Watch the video:

Here is a handy dilution chart:

Veggie Capsules are available from Young Living –



Today we are going to learn all about how to use that kit of yours!

So YOUR premium starter kit is sitting on the kitchen table unopened.  YOU are just staring at it, not sure what to do. Am I right?! Don't worry, we've got you covered, my friend.

Watch this awesome video where Kelly shows YOU how to use YOUR kit and discover some great tips and tricks for all those things in it you have no idea how to use. We were all there. We feel ya.

✔️ HINT: I bet YOU didn't know the roll-on fitment (roller top for your oils) in your kit was reusable. Kelly will show you how to put it on (without spilling your oil) and take it off to reuse.

✔️ Remember, you want to mix your essential oils with a carrier oil (sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil etc) when apply your essential oils to your skin!  When in doubt, dilute!

✔️ Be sure to avoid touching YOUR eyes after you have be using your essential oils. If you happen to rub your eyes and get essential oils in them, simply wipe them down with a fatty oil like coconut oil. DO NOT flush with water.

Watch the video



Today you are going to learn all about our favorite resources and accessories!

The learning curve can be steep when you start using essential oils! Investing in some resources to help you, will serve you well!!!

Watch the video:  

The pinned post of our Oily Living Members Only Group has a lot of ideas for you —

Great websites:

Accessory ideas —
More –

Books and Apps:

Essential Oils Desk Reference
Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils
Gentle Babies


App –

Blogs –



There are 2 videos today!!!

So, have you learned some amazing stuff over the last few days? Did you learn anything you didn't know before??

Today we are sharing all about how to place an order, Young Living monthly Promos, Essential Rewards, and MORE!!

Now that you are getting to know your starter kit, you are probably wanting to know how you purchase more product?  

We have so many options for you…a quick order, our amazing monthly Essential Rewards promos and tips for earning FREE product!

Here’s what you’ll learn in these tutorials:

-How to reorder products
-How to enroll in Essential Rewards (ER) – the monthly loyalty program
-How to redeem ER points
-How to check the status of an order (like the estimated shipping date)
-How to update your shipping address
-How to set up PV Assistant and why you need to do it
-What’s out of stock
-What’s in Member Resources
-How to use live chat


With Essential Rewards, Young Living's Monthly Box program, you can save up to 25% off your wholesale prices!

Ordering this way is the BEST way to get safe, high quality products that YOU buy elsewhere from Young Living and save more money.

In the ER program YOU earn points back on your orders and save on shipping

  • Months 1-3: 10% back
  • Months 4-12: 20% back
  • Month 25+: 25% back

So….here is an example of what that looks like

  • Month 1: spend 100 PV and earn $10 in points.
  • Month 4: spend 100 PV and earn $10 in points.
  • Month 3: spend 100 PV and earn $10 in points.
  • Month 4: spend 100 PV and earn $20 in points.

**20% back continues until it jumps up to 25% at month 25!**

Take those points, save them up, and redeem them for products you've been dying to try! YOU earn LOYALTY bonuses for being in the program – free gifts at months 3, 6, 9 and 12!!!!


Young Living's monthly promotions reward you for ordering certain amounts (PV) of product each month.

(Remember PV is YL's way of giving point value to what you order. PV can be equal to the money you spend but not always so watch for this number in your shopping cart.)

  • 100 PV Level: Usually a FREE essential oil.
  • 190 PV Level: Various additional oils and/or products
  • 250 PV Level: Various additional oils and/or products
  • 300 PV Level: Various additional oils and/or products

***I've seen the promos be as high as $300 worth of FREE products when you order 300 PV!***


LOOK for our team promotions! We are always coming up with fun giveaways to help YOU use your products and even share with others. 

Watch this video:  


Curious about the Virtual Office?  Our friend, Stacey Cooke, does a great job giving us a tour here:  



You've made it to day 6!

Now you know how to use your premium starter kit, some of our favorite products and tips and tricks to make the most out of your wholesale membership.

Now let's talk about something else that you get included with your membership… You get the option to share oils with others and earn a referral bonus. YES!

So think about it… You've recommended restaurants, cars, iPhone apps, coffee, clothes, toys and so much more. We refer our favorite products to our friends and family ALL THE TIME. Well, it's the same with Young Living but the BEST part is that you can earn a referral check from Young Living when you do it.

For some, this referral check pays for monthly oils and products, while for others this referral check has replaced part-time and even full-time income.

Watch the video:

So why share Young Living with others? 

If you’re ready to graduate on, join us for our next FREE training:  How to Share Oils Orientation. 

We will show you HOW you can share with others simply and successfully!

Income Disclosure:

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