Classes and Educational Presentations

  • Real Food Summit: a package of 27 audio/video digital presentations from all kinds of Real Food Advocates.  Great stuff!!!
  •  great instruction on how to freeze, can, jam almost anything!
  • Real Food Nutrition and Health for Kids:  Tamara has been working with her daughter on this packet.  Very informative and educational!
  • Nourishing Our Children DVD: 2 hour dvd with narration, musical score and sound effects.  Inspirational and Educational
  • Immunitrition's Certified Healing Food Specialist: Whether you are a health care practitioner looking to expand your skills, a concerned parent wanting to provide the best nutrition for your family, an entrepreneur seeking a new career in the Healing Arts, or you are simply interested in the world of healing foods and traditional eating habits, this 40-hour intensive course will provide you with invaluable insights to make conscious, health-enhancing food choices.

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