Grains and Flours

  • Alvarado St. Bakery: Great organic, whole grain, sprouted bread products.
  • Ezekial breads: Tamara's favorite type of bread, particularly the sprouted sourdough and sprouted tortilla wraps.
  • JoshEWEa's Garden: sprouted flours and wheat berries, soaked and dried granola (coconut is Tamara's FAVORITE!)
  • Whole Grains Council: excellent resource with all the information you will ever need about whole grains.
  • Azure Standard: Kelly orders all of her bulk grain (and chicken food) from here.  Be sure to find a local drop point so that you don't have to pay shipping!
  • Honeyville Almond Flour: This is Kelly's favorite brand of almond flour.
  • To Your Health Sprouted Flour: a variety of sprouted and unsprouted flours and grains.


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