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Soothing Bath Salts Recipe with Essential Oils

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Soothing Bath Salts Recipe

One of my favorite uses for essential oils is using them in a bath.  Really, what can be more relaxing than a nice soak in the tub with the lovely aroma of essential oils wafting in the air? Making your own scented bath salts is easy! If you aren’t the bath type, you can easily reap the benefits of epsom salts by soaking your feet! Essential oils aren't just a pretty smell…they have therapeutic benefits as well.  Adding them to epsom salts is a great way to get the benefits of the oil you are using and the benefits of epsom salts, particularly the magnesium! 
Many people are sorely lacking in magnesium. Epsom salts can be an easy way to help replenish magnesium in the body. Here is my favorite recipe for soothing bath salts…perfect after a hard workout!!  I feel like I am relaxing in a spa.


Soothing Bath Salts

This easy to make bath salts recipe only takes  a few minutes to mix together. These bath salts make will make the perfect homemade gift for this holiday season!


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Soothing Bath Salts


  • Put Epsom salts in jar.
  • Add essential oils.
  • Cap and shake.
  • Add to bath.


This recipe can easily be adjusted to make larger quantities!

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Soothing Bath Salts Recipe. Relax away in a nice bath. This recipe is particularly nice after an intense workout! - www.ohlardy.com