Day 7 – Strategic Placement

Day 7 – Strategic Placement


Enroller and Sponsor is the person who introduces you to Young Living.

The Sponsor can be changed for strategic placement purposes to build your Young Living business.

As you build your business you’ll want to provide people with multiple layers of support. The best way to do this is to place them UNDER someone else that is already part of the Young Living business. This is called strategic placement – we often call it stacking.

This one concept is critical to achieving high level success and the ability to blow through your ranks in this business. You'll want to review, master and talk through this process (with your upline) as you go.

DO NOT MISS THE BOAT structuring and stacking your people as you register them. This should be a TOP priority once you bring someone on – to figure out where to place and tie them into your organization.

That being said, make sure you're pursuing your upline with questions and ensuring your downline builders are completely in tune as well. We've seen countless people miss out on ranks and “mo money” because they've failed to implement strategic placement. Don't be that person.

This is our FAVORITE part of Young Living's compensation plan. No one is ever on their own. They get double the support with strategic placement, and that’s exactly how you can tell your members too.

How to strategically place a new member

  • LIVE CHAT – – First 5 days from the member's date of enrollment
  • Email [email protected] 20 days enrollment day of enrollment (USA) or 30 days from day of enrollment (Canada)
  • You can change a member's sponsor only 1 time (USA + Canada) ←— #UPDATE
  • For the strategic placement to count for a calendar month, the email must be sent to resolutions by 11:59MST on the last day of the month

*Email to send to resolutions

Name of member / Member # : can you please change the sponsor to name of member / member number and leave me the enroller

Your name
Member #
Pin #

Example of strategic placement

?Leg 1 3100 OGV
?Leg 2 900 OGV

YOU enroll a new member with 100PV. You could than strategically place your new member under leg 2 to reach the rank of executive!

What to say to YOUR new member after YOU strategically place them

“Hey Kathy, we’re so happy to have you on board with our team. We have so many resources, training and support available. In fact, I did want to tell you that you have me AND Elizabeth on our team as your support system. I’m your enroller, and Elizabeth is now your sponsor. That means you get double the support, so in case I’m not free to take a call from you or help you then Rachel can help you. Win-win!”

Things to think about and write in your journal:

1) What is one thing you learned about strategic placement?
2) How will you use this to grow your Young Living business?

Income Disclosure:


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