Do I Need Digestive Enzymes?

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digestive enzymes

It is probably no surprise that I am talking about digestive enzymes.  I mean, we love gut health here at Oh Lardy!  If you have hung around here for any period of time, you understand that we believe gut health is a cornerstone to overall wellness.  We love fermenting foods, making bone broth, supplementing with Collagen.  But, do I need … Read More

Do You Chew Your Food?

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Do You Chew Your Food? -

Do you chew your food? This may sound like a silly question but chewing your food is a very important first step toward healthy eating and good digestion! You probably are chewing.  I doubt you are swallowing your food whole!  But are you chewing properly?  Are you chewing enough? My guess is…you aren’t! I am the first to admit that … Read More