Is Your Grass Fed Meat Really Grass Fed?

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Is your grass fed meat really grass fed?

  I get so so excited when I see more and more organic, non-gmo, grass fed and other ‘real food’ items in all types of grocery stores!  I love that what was once ‘weird’ and ‘alternative’ is becoming more mainstream, particularly when it comes to meat.   But I do keep wondering…is that grass fed meat really grass fed? I was recently talking … Read More

Nick’s Sticks are Awesome!

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My Favorite Snacks??? When you are, like my family, focused on eating clean, real food, it is important to be sure you have quality snacks on hand.  One thing that is hard to find is quality beef jerky. My family is very busy and on the go quite a lot and one of our favorite snacks to grab and go … Read More