What is Kombucha and Why Are People Drinking It?

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What is kombucha and why would people drink this?

Do you keep hearing about kombucha tea and wondering what the heck it is?  Are you already drinking kombucha and want to learn how to make it at home?   We are beginning to see kombucha tea sold in more and more stores.  It is a deliciously effervescent, slightly sour beverage that can be flavored with a variety of fruits … Read More

Healthy Soda Alternatives – Chicagoland

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Are you looking for healthy ways to quit the soda habit? I will demonstrate several different recipes for making healthy, probiotic-rich, fizzy drinks that your whole family will enjoy! Recipes include: kombucha, water kefir, ginger bug, lacto-fermented soda and more! I will have plenty for you to taste and will show you how easy it is to make these in your … Read More