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Winter Harvest 2015

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I am currently on my way home from spending a WEEK in Naples, Idaho on Young Living's Highland Flats farm.  My mind is bursting with information that I can't wait to share with people everywhere.  I can't possibly share everything that I learned in this post – I would be writing for hours and I'm afraid that wouldn't even make a dent!  So, today I am going to share with you an outline.  I am going to tell you about camp, what our days were filled with and my favorite tidbits!  

We were invited to attend the Winter Harvest of Idaho Balsam Fir Essential Oil at the Highland Flats Farm in Idaho late last year.  Since Tamara had other plans, I had to go alone and try to learn and write down as much as I can to share!  Now, I didn't go alone.  I joined 30 other Oily Angels on this journey and it couldn't have been more amazing.  The gist is that we get to receive lots of good training on essential oils as well as observe and HELP with the actual harvesting.  

Winter Harvest 2015

I had the unique opportunity to observe the Seed to Seal process.  I watched the trees get cut down, put through the chipper, and loaded into the cooker.  I saw the Balsam Fir oil distilled and filtered and I got to BOTTLE MY OWN OIL.  Knowing my farmer is extremely important to me and I got to shake his hand!  I can honestly say that I KNOW where my oils come from.  I saw it happen.  Even though I have always known that Young Living Essential Oils are pure and not cut with any synthetics, I actually got to witness it.  Pure Essential Oil went from the tree into my bottle and to be a part of that was so fun!  

As I mentioned before, I was there with 30 other Young Living members who are part of my Team.  The Farm isn't very big, but they accommodated us very well.  I shared a cabin with 5 other Oily Angels and, while I was nervous about this at first, it ended up being so fantastic.  I was really blessed with some great cabin-mates.  They served us home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and gave us a warm place to sleep.

I mentioned that I witnessed the Seed to Seal process, but what I haven't mentioned is that they put us to work!!  While out in “the bush” we gathered all of the little branches that were broken off of the giant trees while being moved to the chipper.  The oils are in the needles!  We didn't want to leave anything behind.  I actually had the opportunity to operate a front loader and moved some huge trees around.  











Over in the distillery we unloaded huge trailers full of wood chips onto the distillery floor to start warming up before their transition to the cooker.  We didn't have much to do with the actual distilling, but to be able to filter some oil and put it in my own bottle was pretty awesome.  I get the same feeling when I collect eggs or pick a ripe tomato off the vine.  I gained an incredible appreciation for how much hard work goes in to distilling these healing oils and I don't think I will ever complain again when something is out of stock.

Besides being put to work for a bit, a huge part of our trip was training.  I don't think I could type fast enough when I was taking notes.  I wish I had a video that I could watch over and over again.  We learned a lot about what goes in to quality control.  The testing side (chemistry) of the oils is fascinating.  They test each batch of oils 3 times before it goes out to me (and YOU).  They assure that the compounds that are supposed to be present are there!  It is so much more complicated than that, but I can't even begin to explain it.  

My most favorite days of training were spent with Cherie Ross, whom I can only describe as an Essential Oil encyclopedia.  Basically, if I have something that I want to use essential oils for, Cherie can tell me exactly which oils to use and where to put them.  She is an amazing resource and I wish she were my neighbor.  A couple tidbits that I learned from Cherie:

  • When taking essential oils internally it is best to use coconut oil or avocado oil.
  • The fastest way to get essential oils to the brain is through the nose.  The second fastest way is the roof of the mouth.  .
  • These oils can magnify intention.  Be careful of your thoughts when using the oils.
  • The better your pH is balanced, the better the oils will work.

I learned SO much more from her and I can't wait to share it with you!

I also had the opportunity to get training on The Raindrop Technique.  The Raindrop Technique combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body. This collection provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony to the body – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

We all had the chance to receive a Raindrop as well as give a Raindrop.  Before raindrop training my friend had a 3 inch difference in the length of her arms (when held out in front of her) due to extreme scoliosis. After rain drop her arms were even. You can see the difference in the height of her right shoulder before and after. She was in tears of joy afterward.  Wow!  

On one of the days we learned all about the many supplements that Young Living has to offer.  I will say that I was spoiled and got to enjoy Ningxia Red every day I was there.  I had a bit of roseola on my face and when I left my skin looked markedly improved!  I need to get that into my ER order for sure!  I won't go into detail on all of the supplements, but there are lots of things that I want to try!!  

A few other interesting tidbits that you might find helpful:

  • When you use oils externally, LESS is more.  Sometimes one drop is all you need.
  • When taking Oregano or Thyme or Mountain Savory internally, use only ONE drop.
  • Hydration is incredibly important for oil usage.  The better hydrated you are, the better your oils will work!

So, have I convinced you to go next year??  

Here is a great video that shows exactly what the Oily Angels did at Winter Harvest!


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Winter Harvest 2015