DIY non toxic Hair Detangler Recipe

Kelly Liston

DIY non-toxic hair detangler -

Don’t you love it when you are using a product in your home that you have bought for years and think, “I bet I could make this”??  I have slowly been detoxifying my home over the last few years.  It is hard to do it over night.  So, I am doing one thing at a time.  Early on it was … Read More

Frozen Granola Bars with Fermented Bananas

Tamara Mannelly

Frozen Granola Bars with Fermented BANANAS!!! -

You know we love sneaking fermented foods into many things!  We love eating fermented foods plain.  We love everything about fermented foods! We particularly like to ferment fruit so we recently decided to do something new!  We fermented BANANAS and added them to a variation of our frozen granola bars! Our friends over at Nature’s Path featured our recipe, so head over … Read More

80+ Foods to Buy Organic at Costco

Tamara Mannelly

80 + Organic Foods You Can Buy at Costco -

Who here shops at Costco? It is such a popular place, especially for people with larger families, people who entertain, people looking for a deal.  Did you know it is also a great place to stock up on organic foods?  Who knew?  I went the other day and found over 80 things organic at Costco! I have a membership but … Read More

Homemade Facial Serum for Aging Skin

Tamara Mannelly

Non-Toxic DIY Facial Serum for Aging Skin -

I have been having so much fun experimenting with different DIY recipes using Young Living Essential Oils. It is so nice to be able to make my own products, using non-toxic ingredients and know what I am putting in and on my body. I still haven’t gotten rid of everything store bought…I am not ‘that’ into DIY…but when I make … Read More

Why You Should Use Colostrum to Support Your Digestion and Immune System

Tamara Mannelly

Support health digestion and immune system with colostrum -

If you have been following Oh Lardy, you know we are very focused on maintaining a healthy digestive system.  Optimal digestion is the key to a healthy immune system response.   We have focused quite a bit on replenishing the good bacteria in your gut with probiotic supplements and fermented foods and drinks (like sauerkraut, dilly carrots and fermented orange … Read More

Pasta Primavera Recipe

Kelly Liston

Pasta Primavera Recipe -

I like to refer to Pasta Primavera as “Kitchen Sink Pasta.”  Seriously, throw what you have in your fridge along with some cream and parmesan cheese into a pot.  Toss with pasta.  Done.   I made this dish the other night and I just have to share it with you.  Sometimes people get overwhelmed with the task of cooking Real … Read More

Kid Approved Mouthwash Recipe

Kelly Liston

kid approved mouthwash recipe -

In your quest to have a toxic-free home, I am sure you have come across your dental products and wondered if there is a better alternative.  Years ago when I first started making replacements for toothpaste, I started with those that didn’t have food dye in them.  That was a step in the right direction, right?  Of course!  Then I … Read More

Bacon Sweet Potato Tots Recipe

Tamara Mannelly

Bacon Sweet Potato Tots -

One of the things I miss now that we are a Real Food family is tater tots…really crispy, crunch tater tots. I loved those things!! These days we are focusing on eating food that is made with nourishing ingredients and it is possible to make tater tots nourishing by choosing better ingredients! You know what is even better with tater … Read More

Home Remedy for Stinky Shoes

Tamara Mannelly

Home Remedy to Defeat Stinky Shoes! Easy DIY Recipe with a 10% discount code -

Do you ever have an issue with stinky shoes (or gym bags or laundry bins, whatever!)? We do! My husband has many athletic shoes that could use a little refreshing and my daughter seems to have very stinky feet. I love this spray! I keep it in our shoe closet in our mudroom and we spray our shoes regularly. Of … Read More

Malta’s Ftira

Kelly Liston

Malta's Ftira -

My family and I recently returned from an amazing vacation around the Mediterranean.  I had never been to that part of the world before, so I was really looking forward to exploring!  My children have never been outside of the United States and my husband and I were most excited about all of the different cultures they would experience.  And … Read More

Fun with your Diffuser

Kelly Liston

Fun with your Diffuser -

So you just got your brand new Premium Starter Kit and you are ready to start using your diffuser!!  You might start with lavender because you are familiar with that and enjoy all of the benefits.  You may be curious about Thieves and you start with that.  Or you may have heard that Purification is good at getting rid of … Read More

DIY Cool and Refresh Spray

Tamara Mannelly

Cool and Refresh Spray -

Kelly and I have been having fun making DIY items with our Young Living Essential Oils.  Right now, my favorites our Lavender Lotion, Lip Balm, Peppermint Breath Spray and Soothing Bath Salts. This new recipe is one I have been using a lot this spring and summer.  I brought it with me to Honduras and we enjoyed the refreshing spray while … Read More

75+ Delicious Real Food Summer Desserts Recipes

Tamara Mannelly

75+ Summer Dessert Recipes - all real food and nourishing ingredients!

It is that time of year!  Hot summer days and fun summer desserts!  Whether you have a potluck to go to or just want something sweet and refreshing at home.  I have put together a round up of 75 delicious (and nourishing) recipes for summer desserts!   Hope you enjoy!!! Sweet Drinks   Lacto-Fermented Blueberry Soda from Fearless Eating Lacto-Fermented … Read More

Nourishing Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Tamara Mannelly

The Best Vanilla Ice Cream - Real Food Style -

Who doesn’t love ice cream on a nice summer day!  My daughter is always begging for some.  Many people always talk about ice cream being a ‘bad’ food.  I disagree.  I do not like to talk about food in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but rather ‘nourishing’ and ‘not nourishing’ or ‘real’ and ‘fake’.   Ice cream made with nourishing ingredients … Read More