Real Food Recipes for Christmas Morning

Tamara Mannelly

Real Food Recipes for Christmas Morning -

Everyone spends Christmas morning a little differently. Some get up early to see what Santa left under the tree.  Some have big Christmas dinners.  Others relax in the am and open presents slowly.  Some play golf, go to a movie, play board games, attend church…the sky is the limit! Regardless of how you spend Christmas morning, you need to eat! … Read More

Tamara MannellyReal Food Recipes for Christmas Morning

100+ Real Food Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Tamara Mannelly

Over 100 Real Food Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

It is the time of year where we are all scrambling to figure out what gifts to buy for our loved ones.  I love sharing the gift of Real Food with others, hoping to spread health and wellness to all! I have put together this list of some of my favorite Real Food gift ideas.  I really hope you find … Read More

Tamara Mannelly100+ Real Food Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Pecan Bars

Kelly Liston

Pecan Bars -

I love pecan pie.  It is my favorite Thanksgiving dessert.  I brought a homemade pecan pie to my Thanksgiving feast last year and it was amazing.  I decided to throw a little twist into my pecan themed dessert this year to mix it up a bit.  I saw a recipe in a magazine for homemade pecan bars and it inspired me. … Read More

Kelly ListonPecan Bars

How and Why Essential Oils Facilitate Emotional Release

Kelly Liston

emotional release -

Have you ever noticed that when you smell a certain scent, it seems to transport you back in time?  Of course you have!  Blooming orange blossoms remind me of my childhood – the moments when the air started warming and the promise of summer vacation was just on the horizon.  Cigars remind me of my grandparent’s home.  Chocolate chip cookies … Read More

Kelly ListonHow and Why Essential Oils Facilitate Emotional Release

Why You Should Not Turn to Endometrial Ablation to Deal With Heavy Periods

Tamara Mannelly

Don't burn your uterus to stop your heavy periods! Read why you should not undergo endometrial ablation. Treat your hormonal imbalance naturally!

Recently, I have been hearing so many women talk about a procedure that is ‘changing their lives.’  This procedure is apparently becoming very common but, honestly, it seems so very odd to me.  Every time I hear about one more person having it done, I feel more compelled to share my thoughts about it.   I think this procedure is just one more glaring example of … Read More

Tamara MannellyWhy You Should Not Turn to Endometrial Ablation to Deal With Heavy Periods

Tallow: Nature’s Skincare

Kelly Liston

tallow: nature's skincare -

I first met Shalley the Buffalo Gal last year at the Weston A Price conference in Atlanta, GA.  Tamara and I sampled her skin care products and oooh’d and aaah’d over the awesome lip whips she had!!  Several weeks ago Shalley spoiled us with a goodie box filled with her amazing tallow products.  I did a happy dance because I … Read More

Kelly ListonTallow: Nature’s Skincare

Homemade Lotion with Shea Butter and Lavender

Tamara Mannelly

Homemade Lotion with Shea Butter and Lavender

I have been making this lotion for about 6 months and I have to tell you…I am in LOVE with it!  It is so rich and creamy and soothes my skin both in the winter and in the summer.   I have been playing with different Young Living essential oils to add a slight scent and to help my skin. … Read More

Tamara MannellyHomemade Lotion with Shea Butter and Lavender

Kelly’s November Stitch Fix

Kelly Liston

November Stitch Fix -

Okay, so my October Stitch Fix was mild success.  I kept a top and an accessory.  With a little renewed faith, I filled out my return questionnaire with lots of details and beefed up my pinterest board so that my designer would have little opportunity to fail.   So, how did we do this month? What’s Stitch Fix?   Stitch … Read More

Kelly ListonKelly’s November Stitch Fix

2014’s Amazing Real Food and Healthy Living Black Friday Sale

Tamara Mannelly

2014 Black Friday Sale: Up to 80% a Variety of Real Food and Healthy Living e-books, courses and more!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And of course we are talking about Black Friday! We have teamed up with a whole bunch of our favorite lifestyle bloggers to bring you tons of classes, meal plans, cook books, natural beauty books, and more at up to 80% off!!!! These deals won’t last long! Sales start on Thursday, November … Read More

Tamara Mannelly2014’s Amazing Real Food and Healthy Living Black Friday Sale

Essential Oil Black Friday Spectacular

Tamara Mannelly

Black Friday Essential Oil Spectacular!!

Have you been on the fence about signing up with Young Living essential oils?  Well, Kelly and I have a great Black Friday promotion for you to get you going on your oily journey! We offer promotions from time to time, but we have NEVER offered one this huge!! For this weekend only, if you sign up with Oh Lardy and … Read More

Tamara MannellyEssential Oil Black Friday Spectacular

Copaiba Essential Oil

Kelly Liston

Copaiba Essential Oil -

Copaiba essential oil is extracted from the oleoresin of several different species of Copaifera, including multijuga, langsdorffii, and reticulata. Traditionally used in Native American recipes, today copaiba is featured in European and North American pharmacopeias. This powerful essential oil is recognized for aiding digestion and supporting the body’s natural response to injury or irritation. Product Story Copaiba is the only … Read More

Kelly ListonCopaiba Essential Oil

Nacera’s Lemon Ginger Chicken Tajine

Tamara Mannelly

Nacera's Lemon Ginger Chicken Tajine. A delicious recipe from the beautiful new cookbook, Mediterranean Paleo by Caitlin Weeks of GrassFed Girl

We have been so honored with the opportunity to review and share with you a brand new cookbook from Caitlin Weeks of Grass Fed Girl and Chef Nabil Boumrar.  Mediterranean Paleo Cooking is a beautifully written and photographed cookbook, showcasing Paleo coastal recipes inspired by North Africa, the Middle East and Europe; recipes with no gluten, grains, inflammatory oils, dairy or … Read More

Tamara MannellyNacera’s Lemon Ginger Chicken Tajine

A Real Food Thanksgiving Recipes Roundup

Tamara Mannelly

Thanksgiving Real Food Round Up - Oh Lardy!

Can you believe turkey day is right around the corner?  Where has time gone??? I am beginning to plan my menu and have been looking around for new and exciting Thanksgiving recipes.  And, sure enough, some of my favorite bloggers have come through with some pretty cool dishes.   And without further ado…here they are! Side Dishes: Order some fermented … Read More

Tamara MannellyA Real Food Thanksgiving Recipes Roundup

NingXia Red – A Deliciously Powerful Superfood Tonic

Tamara Mannelly

NingXia Red - a powerful superfood drink!

I introduced NingXia Red into my daily routine fairly recently and all I can say is…What was I waiting for???  I feel more energetic each day and notice a different on the days I forget to take it! What is NingXia Red?   NingXia Red is a delicious tonic from Young Living made with wolfberries and 100% pure esssential oils.   … Read More

Tamara MannellyNingXia Red – A Deliciously Powerful Superfood Tonic

Fowl Pox

Kelly Liston

fowl pox -

One day while I was tending to my chickens I noticed my sweet Harriet’s comb was looking…odd.  I first wondered if she was getting pecked by the other hens.  But typically pecking wounds are more bloody in nature, and this was looking more ominous than a pecking order issue.  I snapped a quick picture and went inside to research. Fowl … Read More

Kelly ListonFowl Pox

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Tamara Mannelly

$400 Amazon gift card giveaway -

Tamara and I love doing giveaways!  We feel it is our way to thank you for being such awesome Oh Lardy fans! This month, we decided to giveaway another awesome prize!  We have joined together with some other amazing bloggers to offer you a $400 gift card from Amazon!  Get excited! What would you buy with $400?  This is perfect … Read More

Tamara MannellyAmazon Gift Card Giveaway

Breathe Again Essential Oil

Kelly Liston

Breathe Again Essential Oil -

It is time you guys know about this awesome essential oil – Breathe Again.  I love the name of this essential oil blend.  There is no question about what I might need it for.   Breathe Again Essential Oil Roll-On is a proprietary blend of oils specially formulated to support respiratory health. Breathe Again contains four powerful eucalyptus oils: Eucalyptus staigeriana, … Read More

Kelly ListonBreathe Again Essential Oil