Fermented Chicken Feed

Kelly Liston

Fermented Chicken Feed - ohlardy.com

You all know how much Oh Lardy loves to ferment foods!  If it is a veggie, a fruit, even a juice, we have tried to ferment it.  So, it should come as no surprise that I decided to ferment my chicken feed. I mean, why not?  Fermenting their food will improve the enzyme content and increase vitamin levels!  Fermenting chicken … Read More

Digest + Cleanse Essential Oil Supplement

Tamara Mannelly

Digest + Cleanse supplement - Young Living Essential Oils - tame your digestive ailments naturally!!

Do you ever suffer from occasional gastrointestinal discomfort?  There are so many things that interrupt with normal digestion such as stress, overeating and toxins to name a few.  I recently started using Digest + Cleanse from Young Living Essential Oils for these occasions and have found to to be very helpful!  It is a great supplement to have on hand.  … Read More

50 Junk Free Easter Basket Ideas

Tamara Mannelly

Easter Basket Ideas - Real Food!

Easter is right around the corner!  How do you all celebrate? One of my biggest memories of Easter from childhood is the Easter basket.  We would get a basket in the morning, filled with cellophane grass and chocolate bunnies and other goodies.  Sometimes there would be a book, or a toy, some playdoh or other treat.  It was so exciting … Read More

Real Food for Real People

Kelly Liston

Real Food for Real People - ohlardy.com

Last I checked, we are all real people.  Real living, breathing, eating people.  And I think that since we are all real people, we should eat real food.  But this is no surprise to you!  If you have been a fan of Oh Lardy for any amount of time you know how much we love Real Food around here.  If … Read More

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens – Resources and Questions

Kelly Liston

A practical guide to keeping chickens, resources - ohlardy.com

A while ago I took a little poll on Facebook.  I mentioned that we were planning a series on Chicken Keeping and wanted to know your questions!  We had a great response and I took notes.  Hopefully, I answered most of your questions throughout this series.  However, there were still a few specific questions that I wanted to make sure … Read More

The Feelings Collection by Young Living

Kelly Liston

The Feelings Collection - ohlardy.com

The Feelings Kit features six essential oil blends formulated by D. Gary Young to promote emotional clearance and self renewal. This collection includes Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release and Present Time. Product Story Inspired by D. Gary Young’s life experiences, the Feelings collection was designed to lift negative impressions and allow openness to new beginnings. Everyone has experienced lasting … Read More

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens – Eggs!

Kelly Liston

A practical guide to keeping chickens , eggs - ohlardy.com

I have often equated the time spent waiting for my chicken to lay her first egg to the time spent waiting to go into labor with a child.  When I first got chickens, I was on egg watch the second they turned 5 months old.  “Any day now” I kept telling curious friends and family.  And when that day finally … Read More

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens – Chicken Care

Kelly Liston

A practical guide to keeping chickens , chicken care - ohlardy.com

Congratulations!  You have built your coop and your girls are happily living their chicken lives scratching, eating, and roosting.  You are providing them with fresh water and plenty of food every day.  You are making sure their coop is clean and safe.  And you are waiting.  Waiting for those chicks you brought home (who aren’t chicks anymore!) to lay some … Read More

Boost Your Energy Naturally with NingXia Nitro

Tamara Mannelly

Boost Your Energy Naturally with NingXia Nitro from Young Living Essential Oils - www.ohlardy.com

Are you ever looking for a little energy boost but don’t want the jitters caused by coffee?  Well, I recently started using a great product from Young Living Essential Oils called NingXia Nitro and I am loving it!! I have been taking Young Living’s NingXia Red antioxidant drink for quite awhile now.  I have never felt better, more energetic with a strong … Read More

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens – All About Chicks!

Kelly Liston

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens, all about CHICKS! - ohlardy.com

So, you have decided you want chickens!  You have done your research, and you know the perfect breeds for your backyard!  Either you go to your local feed store (or order them online) to pick them out!  But, how many do you get?  Hopefully, the size of your backyard and your City Code has given you an idea of a … Read More

Essential Oils for Pain Support

Kelly Liston

Essential oils for pain support - ohlardy.com

Pain.  Ouch.  I think it is safe to say that we have all dealt with pain at some point in our lives.  Physical, emotional, you name it.  Bottom line is, no one likes being in pain.  No one.  And if we are in pain, we go to most lengths to ease that pain.   As you may know, Tamara and … Read More

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens – Chicken 101

Kelly Liston

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens, Chicken 101 - ohlardy.com

When I first got chickens, the #1 question that my friends and family asked was, “Do you need a rooster to get eggs?”  The answer is no.  I usually like to respond with something cheeky, like, “Do you need a man so that you can ovulate each month?”  Nope, us ladies do that all on our own.  And so do … Read More