Essential Oils for Pain Support

Kelly Liston

Essential oils for pain support -

Pain.  Ouch.  I think it is safe to say that we have all dealt with pain at some point in our lives.  Physical, emotional, you name it.  Bottom line is, no one likes being in pain.  No one.  And if we are in pain, we go to most lengths to ease that pain.   As you may know, Tamara and … Read More

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens – Chicken 101

Kelly Liston

A Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens, Chicken 101 -

When I first got chickens, the #1 question that my friends and family asked was, “Do you need a rooster to get eggs?”  The answer is no.  I usually like to respond with something cheeky, like, “Do you need a man so that you can ovulate each month?”  Nope, us ladies do that all on our own.  And so do … Read More

What Causes Heartburn? Too Much Acid…Or Too Little?

Tamara Mannelly

What Causes Heartburn and How to Get Rid of It For Good! -

Many Americans suffer from heartburn and acid reflux.  It can be a very uncomfortable and persistent problem and, sadly, is very common.  Do you ever wonder what causes heartburn?  And, more importantly, how can you prevent heartburn? Have you ever experienced heartburn?  I have on rare occasion and it is not pleasant.  I can not imagine experiencing it after every … Read More

Whole Food Supplements – Do we REALLY need them?

Kelly Liston

Whole food supplements -

I have always been of the belief that all our bodies could possibly need can be found in food.  I have never really been a big vitamin-taker.  When my pediatrician wanted me to start giving my daughter iron-fortified vitamin drops, I told her that I didn’t want to do that.  Instead I wanted to give her beef liver.  She looked … Read More

Using Essential Oils for Sleep Support

Tamara Mannelly

Trouble Sleeping ? You can support your occasional insomnia by using therapeutic grade essential oils. Read more at

I love sleep.  I have always valued my sleep and do not do well with lack of it.  Fortunately, I don’t normally suffer from insomnia but I know so many people who do.  It causes them such stress, anxiety and poor health.   While there is a lot you can do to help get a good night’s sleep, you can … Read More

So, why is Breastmilk BEST?

Kelly Liston

So, why is breastmilk best -

So, why is breastmilk best?  I could keep this post short and sweet and simply say, “Breastmilk is a real food – not created in a lab.”  But that would be boring.  Human breastmilk is truly amazing, and I am here to tell you why! Once upon a time, I was on track to become an IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified … Read More

All About MindWise

Kelly Liston

All about MindWise -

I had the opportunity to learn about and sample Young Living‘s MindWise while I was in Idaho for the Winter Harvest.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the taste – it is yummy!  And after I learned how amazing this stuff is, I was even MORE excited because since I will make my kids … Read More

Are We Making Nutrition Too Complicated?

Tamara Mannelly

Have We Made Nutrition Too Complicated? -

Have you noticed that deciding what to eat has gotten really complicated?  Are you confused?  Should you go gluten free? high fat? low carb? Paleo?  Everywhere I look, people are getting conflicting advice about food and it is driving me crazy!  Is it driving you crazy?  Are we making nutrition too complicated? Why should it be so hard to figure … Read More

Homemade Dark Chocolate Peppermint Truffles

Tamara Mannelly

Homemade Dark Peppermint Truffles from Homemade Mommy

I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, to be honest.  But these dark chocolate peppermint truffles are AH-MAZING!  I make them in bulk and keep in my freezer.  They are perfect for a little sweet, chocolatey bite.  They sort of remind me of a peppermint patty…but WAY better (and better for you).  If I am going to eat sweets, they … Read More

Six Amazing Health Benefits of Magnesium

Kelly Liston

Six benefits of Magnesium -

Poor dietary habits, pharmaceutical drug use, and nutrient-depleted growing soils are among the most common reasons why many people today are dangerously deficient in the mineral magnesium, a necessary nutrient for the proper function of virtually all systems of the body. The good news, though, is that incorporating more magnesium into your diet does not have to be an burdensome … Read More

Essential Oil Suppository

Kelly Liston

Essential oil suppository -

Essential oil suppositories. Yeah, I said it. Suppositories. Have I scared you away yet? If not, stay a while! I promise, this post isn’t as scary as it sounds! When talking about essential oil usage, the most common way to use them is to apply them topically to the skin or inhale them either through a diffuser, or just simply … Read More

Tamara’s January 2015 Stitch Fix Review

Tamara Mannelly

Tamara's Stitch Fix Review - Get Your Own Stitch Fix - a personal stylist and nothing to lose!!!

As you know from my Stitch Fix Review from August and September, this is becoming my new favorite thing!  I get so excited for my box of goodies to arrive each month and can’t wait to see what my stylist chose for me!!! I had great orders in October, November and December, but was so busy I forgot to post about them! … Read More

Drinking Tea for Health – Klio Greek Mountain Tea

Tamara Mannelly

Klio Organic Greek Mountain Tea

I love sitting down to a nice cup of tea…on an early morning after my daughter is at school, late in the afternoon before the after school chaos hits, even at night, relaxing before bed.   My 9 year old daughter has also become a tea fan after a trip to London several years ago.  In fact, sometimes, she will … Read More

DIY Serum for Puffy Eyes

Tamara Mannelly

DIY serum for puffy eyes. Uses natural, pure essential oils to reduce puffiniess

Do you battle puffy eyes some mornings?  I know I sometimes do!  Sometimes I use cold washcloth or cucumbers to reduce the puffiness but I recently came up with this serum to help.  And it works great! Kelly and I have loved experimenting with our essential oil collection, making a variety of beauty and personal products such as lotion, deodorant, … Read More