Top 10 Uses for Diatomaceous Earth

Kelly Liston

Diatomaceous Earth

Even for a dedicated diatomaceous earth user like myself, I’m always learning new ways to use DE. Read our top ten ways to incorporate diatomaceous earth more fully into your life. Use this as ant killer and repellent in the home. Definitely one of the most popular reasons to use DE, and you’ll be glad you used it. Even if … Read More

Kelly ListonTop 10 Uses for Diatomaceous Earth

How I Keep My Immune System Strong in the Winter

Tamara Mannelly

How to Keep Your Immune System Strong -

Summer has come to a close and I can feel Fall in the air.  The leaves are starting to turn, the morning air is cool and crisp.  The kids are back to school and are settling into a routine.   I love fall.  But with the onset of fall, something else is coming…cold and flu season.  I am hearing stories … Read More

Tamara MannellyHow I Keep My Immune System Strong in the Winter

Cucumber and Red Onion Salad

Tamara Mannelly

Sweet and Sour Cucumber Salad -

Summer has officially come to a close, especially here in Chicago where the leaves are just beginning to turn and the morning temperatures are a bit cool.   My garden is slowly dying back, except for a few fall hardy plants like pumpkins, kale and turnips.  Soon it will be time to put the garden to bed for the winter. … Read More

Tamara MannellyCucumber and Red Onion Salad

Nourishing Nachos

Kelly Liston

nachos -

Nachos are always a crowd pleaser!  The good news is they don’t have to be a junk food!  You can prepare nachos for your family using nourishing and delicious ingredients!  Not only can you source good and local ingredients, you can give your favorite toppings an added boost!   For example, you can add a frozen cube of pureed beef … Read More

Kelly ListonNourishing Nachos

Essential Oils for Men

Kelly Liston

Essential Oils for Men -

So you have been enjoying using essential oils in your home for a while now.  You use them to make cleaning products, you diffuse them in your home, you make bath salts.  You use them to ease tummy troubles, headaches, muscle aches, and allergies!   Has your husband peeked into your oily stash looking for something that can possibly help … Read More

Kelly ListonEssential Oils for Men

7 Tips to Teach Your Child to Eat Everything (and Giveaway of $2000 in Prizes!)

Tamara Mannelly

How to Teach Your Child to Eat Everything

So many parents struggle with children who have a very limited selection of foods they will eat or very limited tastes they like.  And we live in a society where all of our food is heavily processed, refined, full of sweeteners and chemicals. It can be frustrating as one is trying to expand their child’s palate, ensure they are getting … Read More

Tamara Mannelly7 Tips to Teach Your Child to Eat Everything (and Giveaway of $2000 in Prizes!)

Get Our New Fermentation E-Book FOR FREE! (Bundle Sale Extended 12 More Hours!)

Tamara Mannelly


Good evening, Oh Lardy friends! As you know, our book, Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens is one of the many resources in the Ultimate Healthy Living Library.  We are so excited and proud to have our book in the company of such amazing resources!!! Well, guess what? THE SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 9/16 12:00 PM PDT!!!!! Are … Read More

Tamara MannellyGet Our New Fermentation E-Book FOR FREE! (Bundle Sale Extended 12 More Hours!)

4 Ways to Heal Your Eczema

Kelly Liston

4 ways to help your eczema -

Eczema.  The allergic skin inflammation that results in a dry, itchy rash that just won’t go away.  Your doctor may have told you that there is no cure for eczema and you can only control it with a steroid cream between flare ups.  Your doctor also may have even done allergy testing on you or your child with no definitive … Read More

Kelly Liston4 Ways to Heal Your Eczema

Why You Should Stop Using Toxic Cleaning Products TODAY!

Tamara Mannelly

8 Reasons You Should Stop Using Toxic Cleaning Products Right Now!

 You know that Kelly and I are passionate about eating Real Food, getting our kids to eat Real Food and limiting things like GMOs, chemicals, artificial flavors and colors. Well, we are also passionate about getting rid of toxic cleaning products in our home, like fabric softeners, Windex and bathroom cleaners.   It is amazing how clean your house can be … Read More

Tamara MannellyWhy You Should Stop Using Toxic Cleaning Products TODAY!

Flash Giveaway: Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

Tamara Mannelly

Pressure Cooker Giveaway -

Hi friends!  Kelly and I have decided to have a quick 2 Day giveaway just for you!   You know how we love making bone broth for all of its benefits.  Usually we use a crockpot or large soup pot for broth making.  You can also make broth in a pressure cooker.   I recently got a pressure cooker and am excited … Read More

Tamara MannellyFlash Giveaway: Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Bone Broth!

Tamara Mannelly

The Many Benefits of Bone Broth -

If your grandmother or great grandmother ever used chicken soup as medicine she wasn’t just using an old wives tale.  True chicken soup can be medicine! We have become used to our soups and broths coming in a can or carton from the grocery store, full of chemicals, flavorings and, oftentimes, MSG.  This is not real food, folks. Chicken soup … Read More

Tamara MannellyEverything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Bone Broth!

Phase 2 Complete – Superwoman Slim Down

Tamara Mannelly

Superwoman Slimdown

I finished Phase 2 of the Superwoman Slim Down yesterday and was very excited to start to add some of the eliminated foods back into my diet.   As you know, during the first phase, one slowly removes certain foods (alcohol, sugar, gluten, etc) in preparation for Phase 2.  Phase 2 is pretty tough, being basically a vegan diet with … Read More

Tamara MannellyPhase 2 Complete – Superwoman Slim Down

How to Get Kids to Eat Real Food

Tamara Mannelly

How to Get Kids to Eat Real Food

I think it is vital for parents to help get their kids to eat real food.  The food they put into their bodies on a regular basis sets the ground work for their lifelong health and wellness. Yet, so many children only eat ‘kid’ food (I hate that term, by the way).  I talk to parents all the time who … Read More

Tamara MannellyHow to Get Kids to Eat Real Food

The Many Benefits of Soap Making

Kelly Liston

the benefits of soap making

It is no mystery that Tamara and I are very aware of the quality of the foods that go into our bodies as well as the quality of the products that go onto our bodies.  Eating pasture raised animals, organically grown produce, and avoiding toxic chemicals are all things we do to ensure a healthy life.   After I had … Read More

Kelly ListonThe Many Benefits of Soap Making

How I became a “Granola Hippy”

Kelly Liston

How I became a granola hippy -

The term “Granola Hippy” is what my husband so lovingly refers to me as these days.  It wasn’t always this way.  I used to be so concerned about fat-free everything.  I counted calories, we avoided beef.  I used to drink Slim Fast!  I was far from granola!  While I certainly feel like my switch to a healthier way of living … Read More

Kelly ListonHow I became a “Granola Hippy”