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100+ Real Food Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Over 100 Real Food Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

It is the time of year where we are all scrambling to figure out what gifts to buy for our loved ones.  I love sharing the gift of Real Food with others, hoping to spread health and wellness to all! I have put together this list of some of my favorite Real Food gift ideas.  I really hope you find this helpful as you start your holiday shopping! Some of these are currently on my list!  (Hint, hint to the hubs!)

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Kitchen Tools

Every real food kitchen needs a high speed blender.  The one linked here is in my kitchen and I use it for smoothies, dressings, sauces, even grating parmesan cheese.

I got a pressure cooker last year and it has been great!  I recently learned you can make bone broth in one in just a few hours!  Yes!

A dehydrator was on my list a few years ago.  I was hesitant to add one more appliance that would take up room on my counter.  But, I have been using it for dehydrating nuts and grains, making fruit leather, beef jerky, homemade green powder and drying a variety of product.  Mine can also be used to make yogurt!

Quality pots and pans are a must in the real food kitchen!  I personally love cast iron, both enameled and plain.  I also use my stainless steel pots quite often too.

Grain mills and yogurt makers could round out the real foodie supply counter! Yes, yes, I know, the above are pretty pricey items but many important kitchen tools can be less expensive.

I love my two sided salt cellar.  I keep ground pepper in one side and quality sea salt in the other! A butter bell is helpful for keeping your grass fed butter safe at room temperature and ready to spread!

We just got this tray sprouter and have been having fun making our own sprouts.  We have made mustard greens, broccoli and alfalfa sprouts.  My daughter has loved watering the sprouted each day and watching the seeds grow!

These small tools would be great stocking stuffers.  This tubular garlic peeler makes peeling garlic a breeze.  And, this palm peeler is so easy to use.  My daughter loves to peel carrots with it.

A citrus squeezer is perfect for getting all of the juice out of lemons and limes.


Every real foodie wants more tools for making traditional foods…like kraut, kombucha and cheese!  There are so many kits and starters that would make the traditional food lover in your life very happy!

How about adding a kombucha tea kit to your house?  There are many kits, from single batch brewing to continuous brewing, that come ready to go with all you need to get started!

How about a fermentation crock and other necessary natural fermentation supplies?

Do you know someone interesting in cheese making?  That is an area that would be new territory for me.  There are some great cheese making supplies and starter kits out there!

And, of course, everyone on your list needs a copy of Oh Lardy's Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables!!

Food and Drink

How about some real food stocking stuffers?  These traditional food items would make anyone happy!!

Grass fed beef sticks would be an amazing stocking stuffer for everyone in your family!  They are delicious and easily portable.  Great for the college student too!

What about giving the gift of healthy fats to your friends and loved ones?  Am I the only one who gets excited about organic ghee, coconut oil and olive oil?  Please tell me I am not the only one!  🙂

A smattering of healthy sweeteners and salts would be nice under the tree!  Raw honey, real maple syrup and quality sea salt would make a nice little gift set!

The gift of healing bone broth could be a huge help to many of your loved ones' health!


There are so many amazing Real Foodie books out there. Some of my other favorite books are:

For the Home

Are you concerned about the heat and radiation given off by a laptop computer?  If so, you should get yourself and your loved ones this special computer pad that blocks all heat and radiation!

Do you know about earthing and the benefit of grounding your body to the earth's energy field?  It sounds a little ‘out there' but I have an earthing sheet and have never slept better and felt more energetic!  You can get earthing sheets, mats.

Want your house to smell like Christmas but without the toxic chemicals of most air fresheners?  Check out this Christmas Spirit essential oil!  How about some other essential oils and a diffuser to spruce up the house and your wellness?

Have you ever used a masala daba?  It is a cute way of keeping your favorite spices right at hands reach in the kitchen.  It is traditionally used in Indian kitchens but could be just fine in yours!

DIY Gifts

Here are some great round ups from my favorite bloggers with awesome suggestions for DIY Holiday gifts:

25 Homemade Holiday Gift Projects to Start Now from Rising Spoon

24 DIY Beauty Gift Sets in an Hour from Homemade Mommy

I am sure there are plenty more gift ideas out there but this is a pretty comprehensive list!  Let us know what you decided to buy in our comments!  Would love to hear from you!

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Real Food Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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