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$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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$100 Amazon Gift Card - What will you buy if you win???

Kelly and I really love doing giveaways!  It is our way of giving back to you, our awesome readers.  We wouldn’t be blogging and sharing this information if it weren’t for you!

So, we decided to do a week long one for a $100 Amazon Gift Card!  We have teamed up with our good friend, Dina, from Balance by Dina to offer you this prize!  

The holidays are approaching and we could all use a little extra cash to use on Amazon, right?  

A winner will be chosen for our Amazon Gift Card Giveaway at 11:59 pm on October 31st!  Good luck!

Click Here to enter the Giveaway


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$100 Amazon Gift Card - What will you buy if you win???


  1. FYI, the link “follow Balance By Dina on Pinterest” results in a “page not found” at Pinterest. (I did a search to find her page to follow that way, but I thought I’d let you know.) Crossing my fingers – this would help pay for next semester’s textbooks!!

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