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25 things you didn’t know about us

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  1. Tamara and Kelly didn't meet in person until after Oh Lardy was launched.
  2. Kelly's first child was born on her birthday.
  3. Tamara is a certified SCUBA diver and loves to dive around the world.
  4. Kelly was a competitive swimmer, but quit when she graduated from high school.
  5. Tamara has travelled to every continent except Antarctica.
  6. Kelly does not like tuna fish unless it is Ahi sashimi – only then is it acceptable.
  7. Tamara loves watching Murder She Wrote, Doctor Who and Little House on the Prairie and feels happy when she is at Walt Disney World.
  8. Kelly used to play the clarinet.
  9. Tamara graduated from Duke University with a BA in Psychology.  Go Blue Devils!
  10. Kelly married a Naval Submarine Officer and did the Navy Wife thing for a while.
  11. Tamara has a Master's degree in Education and has taught 3rd grade, 5th grade and middle school PE.
  12. Kelly, her mother, and her grandmother were all born in Phoenix, AZ.
  13. Tamara was born in California, but moved around quite a bit (mostly within CA and NJ), attending 13 schools in 12 years.
  14. Kelly loves ice cream – probably WAY too much.
  15. Tamara talks too much when she drinks red wine.
  16. During the Navy Years, Kelly lived in Albany, NY, Seattle, WA, Norfolk, VA, and Honolulu, HI.
  17. Tamara prefers savory breakfasts over sweet.  Bring on the country potatoes, omelets and bacon!  Skip the waffles and syrup.
  18. Kelly has one younger sister.
  19. Tamara lived in Amman, Jordan 1996-97, teaching at the American Community School.  She loved living and traveling in the Middle East.
  20. Kelly graduated from the University of Arizona.  Bear Down!!
  21. Tamara met her husband at Duke University and they were married in the Duke Chapel in 1998.
  22. Kelly's first car was a 1963 Volkswagon Bug – white and yellow with white wall tires.
  23. Tamara has three younger brothers.
  24. Kelly used to be a lifeguard for the City of Phoenix – best summer job EVER!
  25. Tamara is the daughter of former Major League pitcher, Tommy John and the wife of Chicago Bears longsnapper, Patrick Mannelly.

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