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9 Steps Towards Incredible Wealth

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9 Steps towards incredible wealth - ohlardy.com

Tamara and I attended the First Steps to Success seminar in San Antonio, TX last weekend and we were blown away!  We learned so much about relationships, communication, personal growth and building a successful business.  I thought I was attending a business seminar.  But instead, it was all about life and how I can be an even more amazing wife, mother, and business owner.  

During one of our sessions, Dani Johnson talked about wealth.  What can we do to move ourselves towards incredible wealth?  Today I am going to share those talking points with you!!

What do the 98% do?

Find out what 98% of the population is spending their money on and do the opposite.  A huge portion of the population is in debt.  What are they spending their money on?  Curious, ask around.  I can guarantee most of the people you ask are in the 98%

Law of Promotion

Be trustworthy with what you have and you will be blessed with more.  If you are not faithful with what you have, it will be taken away.  What are the most important things that you have?  Your health?  Your family?  Reflect on that and perhaps rearrange your priorities so that you start taking care of it.  Fun fact: 2% of the population invests their money to GROW!


Obedience brings a blessing.  Disobedience brings a curse.  Take a look at your life.  Are blessings falling upon you?  If so, you must be following the Law of Promotion!!  

Let it go

If someone owes you money, release them from their debt.  Releasing debts owed to you allows you to let that go and truly focus on what is important to you.  When you focus on that, you are now open to be blessed with more.

Become a great giver

We heard story after story of how once people started to give and help those in need, blessings started coming into their own lives left and right.  Set a goal on how much you wish to give.  But give wisely!  Make sure your donation isn't going to fund some corporate guy's luxury car stipend.  Find foundations where 100% of donations go towards the cause.  The Young Living Foundation is a good example of this.  

Review your checking account

Go through your checking account with a fine toothed comb.  Where is your money going?  You will never see what you are spending your money on until you examine your accounts closely.  This can be eye opening for some people!

Bare minimum

What is the bare minimum?  What do you need to survive?  Things like food and shelter, of course.  When you go through your checking account, label each thing as a necessity or a luxury.  For example your rent or mortgage for your home is a necessity.  Cable is a luxury.  Food – necessity.  Dining out – luxury.  You get the idea.  

Pay off your credit cards

After doing the previous exercise, necessity/luxury, you will have found a chunk of money.  You will have trimmed the fat.  Use that money to pay off your credit cards.  If you don't have a credit card, chip away at your other debt.  Be diligent.  Be trusted with what you have, then you will be blessed with more.  Are you picking up what I am laying down here?

Create a fun budget

We all wish to have a little jingle in our jeans to pay for things.  Things that we don't necessarily need!  Create a fun budget and stick to it!  Is it $100/month?  $50/month?  Don't be worried about spending this money!  It is for FUN!!!

Has any of this inspired you to make some changes in your life to start getting out of debt?  Do you have an inspiring story of how you took steps towards incredible wealth and had it pay off in spades?  Please share!  Inspire us!  We want to hear from you!

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9 Steps towards incredible wealth - ohlardy.com

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