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A Professional Athlete’s Take on Real Food

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A Professional Athlete's Take on Real Food - www.ohlardy.com

Hey friends!  My husband, Patrick Mannelly, had the chance to record a podcast with Ashley Koff, RD and Robyn Obrien to talk all things real food!  I was so excited he was able to do this as real food and healthy living has been a cornerstone of our family for years. 

We are both passionate about putting quality, wholesome foods into our bodies and living a life of optimal wellness…helped by proper sleep, regular chiropractic care, using essential oils to support our wellness, ditching toxic cleaning supplies and much more!  Sure, we aren't perfect by any means and we do live a 80/20 lifestyle, but we are health minded individuals who care about what we put in and on our bodies. 

Patrick's podcast with Robyn and Ashley spans talk of proper fuel for athletes, labeling of GMOs, his disdain for ‘soccer snacks‘ and so much more!  I am proud he was given this opportunity to use this platform to share his thoughts on real food!

Enjoy listening to Take Out with Robyn and Ashley.  They have so many amazing podcasts on this series!  Wow!  What a resource for us all!

Love this so, so much!  Give it a listen here (Episode 6)

“Patrick played football with the Bears for 16 years before retiring in 2014 and is now a sports talk host in Chicago on 670 The Score and runs his website Longsnapper.com. On the podcast, they discuss how nutrition has changed in sports over the last 10 years. Whether the top athletes should endorse products they would never use themselves and how can parents help their children make the right food choices. Do you play better if you eat better and Patrick talks about how he wants to create change in Washington and Congress!”

Patrick Mannelly Talks Real Food - www.ohlardy.com

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A Professional Athlete's Take on Real Food - www.ohlardy.com


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