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Are You Serious About Wellness?

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Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

Serious about wellness?

If you are truly serious about living a healthy lifestyle filled with natural remedies for your family, then keep reading. 

Many of our readers are always writing and telling us that you are looking for ways to boost your energy naturally and to use more natural approaches to keeping your family healthy. Isn't that what Oh Lardy is all about?

Kelly and I don't know everything, and we are both always learning more but all we DO know is this:

Eating real food, getting regular chiropractic care, exercising and using essential oils and supplements have CHANGED our lives for the better. I have never felt better in all of my life. I have more energy, and I am vibrantly healthy. I no longer default to stress in my daily life. I have the oils to help me with that!

So if you are still here reading and truly want to join us in this healthy lifestyle and THRIVE and not just SURVIVE, for the next 3 days ONLY, we are running a special promotion.

First, we are going to provide you with free support on your journey to make sure you are using the essential oils and supplements right and getting the results you want.

Second, we want your story. We want you to think about how you feel right now AND then after a month of using the essential oils, please email me telling me how much more energy you have and how much better you feel. We really need to work hard together to make this happen! It’s a team effort, to make sure you THRIVE.  If we use your story on our blog, we will send you something special to enhance your oil collection!

Third, for the next three days only (through midnight 10/31), when you sign up as a wholesale member with a Premium Starter Kit:

  • which comes with ten 5 ml bottles of essential oils
  • a free bottle of Stress Away
  • a free diffuser
  • and a bunch of other items including these adorable tiny bottles you can throw in your purse for on the go
  • and our welcome gift!

AND you add a few other items adding up to 300PV (PV is your product value – this is about $300+ tax and shipping) you will receive an ADDITIONAL FREE diffuser AND a 5 ml bottle of Clove from Young Living AND a FREE diffuser necklace from us! This is a $94 value – all FREE as a bonus to you for starting off strong on your enrolling order.

Finally, the last step is to try our essential oils and let YOUR body tell you whether or not it works. At that point you will know if this is something you can really get behind and provide me with your story. Young Living has a risk-free guarantee. If for any reason you do not like our oils, you can return your entire starter kit and get your money back.

You will want to start with our most popular starter kit, the Premium Starter Kit, and it is only $160. When I think about all of the amazing stories told to me in our exclusive Facebook support group daily about how these oils have changed lives for the better, I am literally brought to my knees in gratitude!

Get started with the Premium Starter Kit today.  RISK FREE!!!

So how serious are you about achieving wellness? Are you willing to learn, work and try at something that can give you a chance? Just give it a shot; this is your chance to boost your energy and lower your daily stress and stay healthy!

Wellness Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit


  1. Hi! I’m a missionary living and serving with my family in Kampala, Uganda. I signed up with YL to get their oils last furlough, but I’ve received very little help/encouragement from my upline people. Would you be willing to let me do this challenge with you also, since I already have the oils here and am ready to learn more, too? I’m a wife, mom of four, speech teacher, self defense instructor, daughter of the Most High King, and so much more. I’m the “health nut” in our family, and most of the time my family goes along with all my crazy things. Please let me know if you can work with me, too. Thanks for all you do & God bless!

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