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Attitude Adjustment

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Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where you could use an attitude adjustment.  No?  Then perhaps it is everyone else around you!!!  

I have to say, the biggest surprise in my Essential Oil journey has been how they can profoundly affect emotions.  I used to think that was weird hocus pocus, until I was able to see it first hand.  Not only the calming abilities of certain oils, but how they can actually improve the moods of those in my house.  Because, lets get real here, THEY are the ones who need the attitude adjustment.  Not me!  (Actually, this blend has gotten me out of a few sticky situations – I am sure the kids were greatful!)  

For this blend, I like to make it in a roll on so that it is convenient and easy to use!  And it is labeled appropriately in my drawer, so we can all easily find it!  And just between me and you?  I keep one in my purse, too!  I just never know when it could come in handy!

This blend has 4 oils.  Lemon, Stress Away, Joy, and Abundance!  Lemon is incredibly uplifting, Stress Away, well, it totally does what it says it does, Joy encourages hope and overcomes stress, and Abundance promotes calming, emotional balance, and positive thoughts!

Attitude Adjustment Essential Oil Roll On



  • Place all ingredients in a roll on (an empty 15ml essential oil bottle should work!)
  • Apply as needed!


For those who are scent-averse: put this blend on your feet (or your child's feet)

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Need an attitude adjustment?

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