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Backpack Makeover: Supplies for Success!

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Backpack Makeover | back to school supplies

Now that my kids are back in school and away from home most of the day, that means they are away from some great resources – the Essential Oils!  It is time for a Backpack Makeover!

When my kids were putting together their supplies for the school year, I realized that they had most tools to work at school, but no supplies to support them while they are at school!  I got right to work making sprays and roll ons that they can keep with them should they need them!  

Back to School Supplies – Backpack Makeover!! 

Honestly, the first thing I put in their backpacks was the Thieves Hand Purifier.  Pretty much every classroom I have been in has some type of Hand Sanitizer.  This stuff is incredibly toxic and I don't want my kids to have to use it.  So, they have a non toxic version to purify their hands all day.  Who am I kidding?  I have boys, they don't wash their hands.  I am pretty sure their younger sister does.  One out of three isn't too bad?  

Pesky Bug Bites

My kids always seem to get bug bites especially right at the beginning of the school year and in the spring.  I equipped their backpack with two items that can help manage this!  First I made a little 1 ounce spray with Citronella, Peppermint, and Purification to help keep the bugs off of them.  And I also made a small roll on with lavender, copaiba and sweet almond oil to soothe any bites that they happen to get.  And, as a side note, they like this for minor owies, too!

Digestive Support

I used to get calls from the nurses office that my middle son was in there with “tummy ache.”  Now, they all have roll ons with diluted Digize in their backpacks.  They can simply grab it from their backpack, head to the bathroom, and then roll it on their tummy and rub it in.  Now they can have access to awesome digestive support at school and they can take care of it themselves.  

Peppermint Spray

This one is probably my oldest's favorite!  I make a little peppermint spray that he uses as a breath freshener!  What I think is super cool is that he will also spray this in his hands right before taking a test or a quiz to help with his focus and memory recall.  So fun.  

Speaking of focus….

I have shared this recipe for supporting focus on Oh Lardy before, and it is still a favorite in this house!!  Whenever my kids feel they need a little extra support at school, they simply roll this on the back of their neck and get back to work!

Seriously, this Backpack Makeover has been a game changer in this house!  The kids know that these oils can help them and so they use them!  

Which items do you think YOUR kids would use?  If you don't yet have Essential Oils in your home, what are you waiting for??  They are incredibly versatile and useful and HELPFUL!  It is super easy to grab a starter kit and start using these oils in your home!  


Not sure how to make a roll on? Tamara explains here:

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Backpack Makeover | Back to School Supplies

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