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Camping with Essential Oils!

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Camping with Essential Oils - ohlardy.com

My family loves to camp!  In 2010 we bought ourselves a tent trailer and have taken it on many adventures!  My favorite, by far, was our trip to Yellowstone.  We camped for 5 nights and we were busy exploring and learning every day.  Our tent trailer kept us warm at night and the canvas siding kept out one particularly nosey bison one late night.  

Camping is an activity that all of us love to do.  We always reflect on where we have been, which campsite was the best, and where we would like to camp next!  

We just got back from a little spring break trip up to Lo Lo Mai Springs which is near Sedona, AZ.  The weather was perfect!  70s during the day and still chilly at night.  This camp ground was extra special because it had electric and water hook ups!  We didn't have to rely on the battery to ensure our heater ran all night!  But, even more exciting, I got to plug in my diffuser!!!  Yes, I brought the diffuser.  

Camping with Essential Oils

My essential oils go with me wherever I go.  So, why wouldn't they come along with me when we camp?  Honestly, having the ability to plug in my diffuser is something I can't do very often.  Most of the time, we are at camp sites that don't have any hook ups.  However, that doesn't stop me from taking my oils!

Usually when we pop up the tent trailer it needs a little airing-out.  So, in addition to opening all of the “windows” I also use a little Purification.  Since we had electric, I could fire up my diffuser.  But usually, I just place a few cotton balls with Purification on them around the camper.  I like to use Lavender and cotton balls at night time!  Each kiddo takes a cotton ball and places it on their pillow for a little night time diffusing.  Sometimes I just put the Lavender straight onto the pillow case.  This time I diffused it with the diffuser!  

I also like to have a collection of oils on hand as a first aid kit of sorts.  I bring a 1 ounce bottle with a dropper with olive oil to use as both a carrier oil as well as to use internally in empty veggie capsules.  

Found in my oil kit on this latest camping adventure:

I like to take more than I need.  I never want to wish I had brought an oil!  I felt that all of these had my bases covered.  Besides diffusing purification and lavender, I ended up using lavender and olive oil for my son who had an itchy back from swimming in the heavily chlorine-d pool.  And I used the deep relief on my older son who woke up with a sore neck from sleeping funny.  The Immune Support Roll on is part of our nightly routine, so we used that as well.  

Do you enjoy camping?  Where is the most awesome place you have ever camped?  Do you bring along essential oils?  How have they helped you while on your adventures?  

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Camping with Essential Oils - ohlardy.com


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