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‘Champagne’ Soda – A Healthy Soda Alternative That Kids Love

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Champagne Soda

Are you looking for a fun, bubbly drink that your children will love and IS NOT soda?  I have just the ticket for you.  This recipe is easy to make, super fun to drink and economical (you get two batches of ‘soda' from 1 bottle of juice)!

This recipe seriously couldn't be any easier!  All you need is a plastic bottle of decent quality juice.

Yes, I said plastic.  If you are a total purist and do not use any plastic bottles ever or store bought juices, this recipe is not for you!  This is a fun way to make a very effervescent healthy soda alternative using store bought juice and champagne yeast.

The champagne yeast adds a lot of tiny bubbles that make this drink extra sparkly!  Don't worry, you aren't making champagne here.  The recipe calls for a tiny amount of the yeast and doesn't let it ferment for long enough!

You can buy champagne yeast at many brew stores and on Amazon!

My daughter loves this stuff!  Here's the recipe.  I also have a video where it is a little easier to see the technique (it is easier to SEE the recipe than to READ it!)!

Champagne Soda


  • 1 bottle of a quality juice in a plastic bottle
  • 1 pinch champagne yeast
  • Filtered water
  • Empty quart size mason jar


  • Empty half of the juice into a mason jar and save for a second batch.
  • Pour filtered water into the plastic store bought juice until the bottle is 3/4 full
  • Add a pinch of champagne yeast.
  • Close bottle and give a quick shake.
  • Open bottle and carefully squeeze as much air as you can out of bottle.
  • Quickly cap the lid.
  • Let sit at room temperature.
  • When you see the liquid level lower (i.e. more air in the bottle), repeat the squeezing technique.
  • Continue to do this until the bottle puffs out and is very hard. (usually 24-48 hours).
  • Transfer to the refrigerator and enjoy!
Refrigeration stops/slows down the fermenting process.  However, after a couple of days, I have noticed that the bottle seems to lose its fizz, so drink up!

  • As with ANY fermented juice or soda (lacto-fermented, ginger bug, kombucha, water kefir, etc.) there may be a very small amount of alcohol produced (normally less than 1%).  This recipe is fermented for a very short amount of time and is NOT turning into champagne!  🙂


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Champagne Soda - a healthy soda alternative

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  1. You can do this in glass if you use clear glass and put a raisin in it. When the raisin fills up to grape size and is at the top of the bottle you better refrigerate it and drink it because its bubbly. Plastic is good just because its way easier to tell when its carbonated enough, but the raisin trick works too. If you don’t watch it though fermentation can blow things up! Plastic is safer just because it stretches instead of blowing up.

    1. It lasts a few days. Eventually the fizz goes away. You could put it on the counter again and do the whole ‘squeeze’ deal and let it puff back up. We honestly finish it pretty quickly!

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