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Tamara Mannelly of Oh LardyTamara Mannelly, MEd, CHC, CHFS

I offer a variety of real food and healthy living classes, workshops and services in my local, Chicagoland area.  I put together private hands-on, small group hands-on and large group demo style classes.

If you are interested in a class or grocery tour, please contact me at [email protected]

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Class Topics Available:

Fermented Foods
  • Lacto-fermentation is an ancient preservation method that greatly increases the vitamins in vegetables and other foods, and also makes the minerals more available. The food is preserved for a long time by the lactic acid produced during the fermentation process. Many fruits, vegetables and dairy products can be fermented. Fermeted foods are bursting with enzymes and ‘good' bacteria and are very beneficial for your health…and they are tasty too!
  • In this class you will learn about the history and the benefits of fermented foods.  You will learn what is needed to make fermented foods at home.  You will also learn some simple recipes that you can easily make in your own kitchen.  
  • You will receive all session notes and several recipes to get you started.
Kombucha and Probiotic Soda Alternatives
  • Are you looking for healthy ways to quit the soda habit?
  • I will demonstrate several different recipes for making healthy, probiotic-rich, fizzy drinks that your whole family will enjoy!
  • Recipes include: kombucha, water kefir, ginger bug, lacto-fermented soda and more!
  • I will have plenty for you to taste and will show you how easy it is to make these in your own home!
  • You will be able to take home notes, recipes, and a kombucha SCOBY (to make your own kombucha tea…one of the recipes she will demo).
Bone Broth
  • Learn how to make this delicious and nutritious food in your own home.
  • Learn why bone broth is so good for you and why you should drink it every day.
  • Learn about bone broth's many financial, culinary and health benefits!
Sugar Busters
  • Do you crave sweets?  You’re not alone! The average American consumes 30 teaspoons of the sweet stuff every day — without even realizing it!
  • Sugar can pack on the pounds, zap your energy, run down your immune system, make you moody and more. Wouldn’t you love to kick the sugar habit once and for all?
  • Join me for a Sugar Busters workshop and change your life for the better!  
  • I will show you simple steps and proven strategies to help you understand why you crave sugar (hint: it’s not your fault!) and how you can break sugar’s hold on you.
Essential Oils
  • You've heard rumors of essential oils and getting over a tummy bug quickly or avoiding a cold or flu!  The easing of fevers, constipation, bruising, scars, burns and more all naturally!
  • You've heard talk about “diffusers”, “thieves”, “natural health” and more and now…you’re curious!
  • THIS is the place to start!
  • Together we'll go thru the 10 most essential Essential Oils and How to use them safely and effectively on yourself and your children!
  • I will share information about these amazing oils and we will make some products together so you can take them home and experience the benefits!
Real Food Transition
  • Are you trying to transition your family from the standard American diet, which is heavily processed and full of refined sugars, flours, trans-fats, artificial colors, flavors, and other chemicals to more natural and real foods?
  • Learn how to read ingredient labels on packaged foods and identify additives, chemicals, preservatives, and fillers.
  • We will talk about how to add more quality, nutrient-dense whole foods to your diet like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, and how to source quality animal products.
  • Discuss tips and tricks for helping your family crave real foods and learn about the health benefits of making the real food transition!
  • You will take home session notes and a list of tips and recipes.
Real Food Grocery Store Tour
  • Does searching for nutrient dense, Real Food products at the grocery store stress you out?
  • Confused by all of the labels you see on packaged food?
  • To buy organic or not to buy organic? I will help you figure out which choice is best for YOU.
  • Want to know what types of animal products are best to buy and why?
  • I will work through the produce section and look for super foods for you and your family.
  • Learn what all those labels really mean.
  • Navigate the tricky packaged/processed food aisle for hidden super foods and NOT so super foods.
  • Learn how to shop for family members with food intolerances or allergies.
  • 90 minutes, for one or two people.  
  • **You will take home a comprehensive Grocery Tour packet, complete with educational materials, shopping list template, meal plan template, and more!
“Real Foodify” your favorite recipes
  • When switching to a real food diet, you do not have to start over from scratch.  Most of your family favorite recipes can be ‘Real Foodified' with a few ingredient tweaks, here and there.  Bring me 10 of your favorite recipes and we can try to ‘Real Foodify' them together!

If you are interested in a class or grocery tour, please contact me at [email protected]