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How to Clip a Chicken’s Wings

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If you own backyard chickens, there may come a time when you need to clip your chicken's wings.  Does this seem scary to you?  It did to me, too.  Don't worry!  It is really easy and painless for the hen.

I usually don't ever clip a chicken's wings unless there is a good reason to.  My main reason for clipping wings is when they escape.  Currently they are in a penned area.  I noticed that two of my younger hens like to fly over the fence and enjoy the wide open backyard!  Unfortunately my two golden doodles own the wide open back yard when the hens are cooped up.

When I trim the flight feathers, the chicken is unable to gain enough lift to fly over the fence.  However, if you clip a chicken's wings it does not inhibit them from lifting themselves up onto a roost or into the nest box – assuming that these are at reasonable heights.

In order to clip a chicken's wings, it is easiest to do so when the chicken is inverted and calm.  Once the chicken is inverted, and held by both feet, act quickly and trim her feathers.  I can't imagine that it is too comfortable.  Think about how you feel when you are upside down!

We made a little video demonstrating how we clip a chicken's wings!



Do you ever clip a chicken's wings?  What are your reasons?

I bet you want chickens in your backyard now, don't you?  

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