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Crunchy Balm

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Crunchy Balm

If you have been reading our blog for some time, you know we are a HUGE fan of being conscious of what we put both IN and ON our bodies!  Eliminating toxins from our food and our personal care products has been a journey for the both of us and it most certainly hasn't been overnight!  Slowly but surely we have identified products in our home that need to be swapped out for a healthier version.  Sometimes we find a product that fits the bill, and sometimes we DIY!  We LOVE to DIY our personal care products.  Why?  Because it is easy and inexpensive, and sometimes – like in the case of my deodorant recipe – it is better than anything we can buy!  

But, what if you don't like to DIY??  Are there good and healthy options out there?  YES!  And one of my favorites that I have stumbled upon is Crunchy Balm.  

What is Crunchy Balm?

Crunchy Balm is a healing whole-skin tallow balm.  Tallow is FULL of vitamins and minerals that feed your skin and help repair it, making it soft and supple. Forget the chemicals and give your skin whole food nourishment our ancestors used.

Our ancestors frequently used tallow to moisturize and protect their skin (they knew what they were doing!), yet somewhere along the way we were led to believe that plant-based products were superior, although their chemistry does not match our skin well.

Though plant based oils and butters can be WONDERFUL, animal products (like tallow) offer your skin a unique set of nutrients (vitamins A,D, E, and K in perfect harmony with their activators along with anti-inflammatory CLA) that it’s most likely been your skin has been missing out on!

Crunchy Balm ONLY uses tallow from grass-fed cows pastured on organically grown grass, which results in tallow that is rich in nutrients and free of pesticides and other toxins.

Using tallow-based products (along with eating animal organs and other “unusual” parts) means respecting that animal’s life by using EVERYTHING it had to offer, instead of just eating it’s meat.

Healthy, ‘toned’ skin cells with sufficient saturated and monounsaturated fats would undoubtedly make for healthy, toned skin.  Interestingly, tallow fat is typically 50 to 55 percent saturated, just like our cell membranes, with almost all of the rest being monounsaturated, so it makes sense that it would be helpful for skin health and compatible with our cell biology.

Crunchy Balm has numerous uses:

  • luxurious face moisturizer
  • soothes inflamed skin
  • softens cracked heels and hands
  • deep lasting moisture
  • stretch marks
  • eczema
  • chapped skin and lips
  • sunburn
  • wind burn
  • baby skin
  • diaper rash and much more!


petroleum based ingredients
artificial colors, ingredients or fragrances

Can I just say that I am a HUGE fan of the Original Tallow Balm?  I have used tallow before and sometimes I just can't get past the tallow smell.  This one is so creamy and smells divine!  I have used it on cracked heels, dry spots, and my son's lip (it tends to crack in the middle when it is really dry out).  I just love, love, LOVE this tallow!  I recommend that ALL of you try it!

Guess what, you CAN!!!!  The beautiful Emilie, over at Crunchy Organics, is offering ALL of your amazing Oh Lardy readers 10% off of your order.  Simply enter the code OHLARDY at checkout!!  

I am just giggling over here because it gets BETTER!!!!  Emilie wants to give one of you lucky readers your very own Original Crunchy Balm AND the Activated Charcoal Face bar!!  

Simply enter the Giveaway below and a winner will be picked on July 31st!

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  1. This is so cool! I have been having a hard time finding a product to try that was made with pure organic tallow. Thanks for introducing me to Crunchy Balm!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and for introducing me to a a company I know I’m loving already. I so much appreciate all that you do. And follow the reading now, no… I read now with you too! Yay!

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