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I drink RAW milk.

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Yep.  You read that right.  I drink raw milk.  My milk comes straight from the cow to me.  No middle man really.  The only way my real milk could be fresher is if I were to milk the cow myself.  But, let’s be real here, I don’t have the time for that.So, why do I drink my milk raw?  Why is real milk superior to its pasteurized counterparts?  Well, besides being full-fat and from a local dairy farmer (whom I trust), real milk also contains beneficial enzymes and bacteria as well as minerals and vitamins that found their way into the milk by nature’s way.  These built in enzymes are there for a reason – to help us digest our food.  Raw milk contains other components that, along with the beneficial bacteria, become the milk’s defense system.  This living food is not only able to kill pathogens that may enter the milk, but also strengthens the immune system, makes guts healthy, and allows us to absorb all of the available nutrients.

Now, this being said, not all Raw Milk is considered equal.  Real milk that is produced in clean and sanitary conditions is a healthy food.  This is why it is so important to KNOW YOUR FARMER.  The Raw Milk that you purchase must be from a healthy cow (or herd of cows) that is free of disease and infections.  The cows should be free to roam on pasture and eat the food that they were born to eat – grass or hay and minimal grain, all GMO-free.  The cows should be milked under sanitary conditions and all collected milk should be chilled immediately.  My farmer tests her milk frequently to ensure that it is pathogen free.  Please do not ever consume Raw Milk from the confinement dairy down the street or milk that was produced under unsanitary conditions.

Raw Milk and conventional milk have some distinctions that Mark McAfee from Organic Pastures Raw Dairy Farm has laid out beautifully for us in some tables.





All of us have the freedom to choose what kinds of foods we eat and feed to our family.  Fortunately, I am able to choose raw milk for my family since it is legal where I live.  We all have to power to vote with our dollar and I am happy to support my local Raw Dairy Farmer.

Some friends and family still think I am CRAZY for feeding my family Real Milk.  Am I worried that we will all get sick and die?  No.  I’m not.  First I think about traditional societies and life before industrialization.  They all drank raw dairy and thrived.  Second, I researched and interviewed my farmer thoroughly before I bought her milk.  I have never been concerned about the safety of my raw milk since I did all of my homework.  There is a lot I DON’T know about the gallon of milk on the shelf at the grocery store.  That concerns me more.

What about you?  Do you drink your milk raw?  Why or why not?

Where to find more info about raw milk: http://www.realmilk.com

Where to find raw milk in your area: http://www.realmilk.com/state-updates/

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  1. Oh Yeah! We have our own half Jersey/ half Holstein milk cow. We have been enjoying her wonderful milk-RAW- since April. My hubby can actually drink it and not have to deal with the stomache pain he was getting drinking the store bought-watery stuff. And the added bonus of homemade butter and cheese!

  2. Going on two years drinking RAW milk and we love it. Don’t mind the sacrifice of time to drive and get it, or pay the extra cost. Worth every single penny. Love the cream on top and the richness of it. Love that it’s providing my children with nutrition that is bar-none.

  3. I grew up with raw milk. Love it. I don’t currently buy raw milk but I would if I could find a good source locally. I currently buy organic milk for my son and husband and I drink organic almond or coconut milk for 2 reasons. Occasionally dairy milk causes me tummy problems and the main reason I’m diabetic and cows milk has a lot of lactose that often cause my blood sugar to spike specially in the morning. Almond and coconut milk dont cause that spike. Hmm It’s been years since I have had raw milk and I wouldn’t mind seeing if I can now handle raw milk without tummy or BG spikes. Be worth doing a few experiments 😉

  4. I love my raw milk! I’ve been drinking it for 7 years and been buying it from the same farmer for 7 years. I feel so good with drinking raw milk -it makes a big positive difference in my health. It is worth the extra time to drive to the farm and the extra money.

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