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Drinking Tea for Health – Klio Greek Mountain Tea

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Klio Organic Greek Mountain Tea

I love sitting down to a nice cup of tea…on an early morning after my daughter is at school, late in the afternoon before the after school chaos hits, even at night, relaxing before bed.  

My 9 year old daughter has also become a tea fan after a trip to London several years ago.  In fact, sometimes, she will ask for herbal tea at restaurants instead of milk or soda.  I think, in addition to the flavor, she feels ‘grown up' when she drinks it.  

I also enjoy drinking tea because of the health benefits.  We all know many plants and herbs can help heal the body.  Well, with quality herbal teas, I know my family is reaping the benefits!

Greek Herbal Tea by Klio

Recently, we were introduced to a new brand of herbal tea, Klio Tea.  And…we have LOVED it!  For me and my daughter (my husband isn't much of a tea drinker), it has become the tea we reach for in our tea cabinet.  

Now we would like to introduce them to you!

Klio Organic Greek Mountain TeaKlio Tea is based in Santa Barbara, CA where they package certified organic herbal teas grown on small plots in mountain environments of Greece.  These teas are certified organic, hand farmed, hand harvested, hand packed and unprocessed. 

That sounds right up Oh Lardy's alley!!!  Totally REAL FOOD!!!

What is also interesting about Klio Tea is they are whole leaf and offered in their original and natural form.  The tea looks like it was picked yesterday and dried overnight.  These strict criteria for growing, harvesting and processing is what makes Klio Tea unique and helps the tea maintain its health benefits. 

Organic Greek Mountain Tea

Klio Organic Greek Mountain TeaKelly and I have both been enjoying their Greek Mountain Tea which is made from the leaves, flowers and stems of the Sideritis plant. (The tea is gorgeous, by the way.)  This plant, native to Greece, is grown on Mount Othrys, also known as the Mountain of the Titans in Greek mythology.  (My daughter, being a Greek mythology buff, was pretty impressed by this, to be honest.)

Health Benefits

 Klio Greek Mountain Tea not only tastes delicious but is very healthful.  Both Hippocrates and Socrates talked about the many health benefits of this tea, including boosting the immune system.  

Greek Mountain Tea contains high levels and antioxidants and naturally occurring essential oils as well as a variety of phyto-nutrients.  Greek Mountain Tea has an ORAC value 7,000 and 120 mg of polyphenols per serving.  

This tea has been the subject of much research including its benefits with Alzheimers Disease, Osteoporosis and Cancer.  

So…How Does it Taste?

My daughter and I have given it our thumbs up!  So has Kelly!  The flavor is very earthy, subtle, light and delicious hot or cold.  It could be lightly sweetened, if you prefer, but we love it just plain.  It is also caffeine free so you can drink it all day and night and not worry about feeling jittery!

If you would like to see more about how to brew the tea, check out their handy dandy video on their You Tube Channel:

Discount for Our Readers

Klio Tea, which only sells their tea through their website (https://www.kliotea.com/), has graciously offered Oh Lardy readers 15% off on their tea products until March 1st.  Just use coupon code OHLARDY when you check out.

Woo hoo!  Go stock up!  I know I am!

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 Klio Greek Mountain Tea - organic, hand picked, crazy health benefits AND it tastes awesome!!


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