Day 2 – Key Steps to Duplication


Watch this video as we share the THREE steps with YOU!

Fall in Love with the Products

You are investing in YOU and YOUR family’s health by using Young Living products.

Branch out -> try the supplements, beauty products, make-up, cleaning products, and Ningxia red!

The most cost effective way to invest in YOUR business and totally fall in love with the products is to be at the 300 PV level on Essential Rewards. By investing in the higher PV level, means YOU get all the FREE products for that particular month. And guess what? YOU can use those FREE products as giveaways for your team, incentives, promotions, gifts or samples to people.

YOUR monthly ER order becomes YOUR wellness box and YOU can begin buying products YOU usually buy at the grocery store or pharmacy!

Recommend the Products. Show people how to use the oils.

Most people will introduce others to the product and/or business the same way they were introduced. This is duplication at it’s finest.

There are different ways to introduce people to Young Living’s products and the business side. Some of YOU will be super comfortable on social media; some of YOU will love doing classes and some of YOU will excel at 1 on 1’s. You really don’t have to do all the things; just do some of the things listed below.

Do what is authentic to YOU and makes YOU shine. Simply put. Get in front of people. It really is a numbers game. The more people you educate and speak to the more YOU will INSPIRE and grow.

  • Host classes/parties/gatherings/workshops (whatever you want to call them) in person about the products and/or the business
  • Host online classes via FB or *Zoom about the products and/or the business
  • Have 1 on 1 meetings in-person or via *Zoom about the products and/or business
  • Leverage social media
  • Vendor events
  • Product Placement

**What is zoom? *Zoom ( is an interactive online video and online conference calling service, that is free and similar to skype. You can have as little as 1 person on your call or many people on your video call at once.

Find Others to do the Same

Ask. Just ask. Asking is the best way to get a YES or even a NO. But the more NO’s YOU get, the more it leads to a YES!!!

  • Ask someone to host an in-person class or online class via FB or Zoom with YOU.
  • Ask someone to meet for coffee (1 on 1) to discuss the “sharing side” of YL
  • Ask someone to meet for coffee (1 on 1) to discuss the oils
  • Ask someone to meet for coffee to just meet for coffee, and start to create a relationship
  • Ask someone to take a look at the 4 Year Career
  • Talk about YOUR abundant life on social media to peak curiosity
  • and so much more!

The key to duplication is making it simple – meaning ANYONE CAN SHARE. Set up your business in a way so that anyone – no matter the skill, experience, background, work history, age, etc. – can do it. Being a leader with Young Living means creating times where others say “I can do that!”.

Here are two BIG points to remember with duplication…


If members see you working on a fancy website, creating original graphics, taking professional photos, spending a fortune on business cards or printed materials, etc. then they will think they need to do it too to be successful in this business.

Most of us don’t have fancy websites or our own printed materials. Many of us don’t even have business cards. You don’t need any of that to be successful in this business. So be sure your members know that. All they need is their premium starter kit and our community to plug in new members.


This is so key when it comes to duplication. When you are consistent with your business – like teaching classes, following up, sharing on social media, showing others how to do the business, etc. – your team will do the same.

BUT if you are not consistent – like teach classes sporadically, don’t follow up, etc. – your team will do the same. So think about it… what do you want your team to duplicate? That’s what YOU need to do. That doesn’t mean you have to do classes, vendor events, and all the things. You choose your own way to share, but be consistent in HOW you share. Be consistent in HOW you follow up.

It doesn’t matter how big your team gets. You should always be enrolling new people, getting them on ER, and sharing the business and finding new enrollers. That’s how you get from starter kit to diamond and beyond. Keep duplicating what you want your team to do.

A challenge for you!

How will YOU share Young Living?

Grab YOUR phone right now, send someone a text message and invite them for coffee and/or to take a look at YOUR essential oils. Tell us how this experience made YOU feel?

Did the person respond?

****Invite Ideas****

Hey! I was wondering if you were free next week to meet for coffee?

Hey! I hope you are doing awesome. I would love to meet for coffee next week. I know you are totally into the natural lifestyle. I have been using essential oils for 3 years now and I would love to show YOU how I have incorporated them into my life!


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