Day 3 – How to Recommend Oils and Other YL Products


Watch this video as we explain the different ways to share Young Living and how YOU can explode YOUR business.

Choose what works for YOU. Evaluate YOUR strengths. Evaluate HOW much time YOU have to dedicate. Look at the big picture.

Watch this:


…in-person or via *Zoom/Facetime about the products and/or business

Got a friend who wants to learn about oils? Schedule a 1:1 at a time that works for them. Meet at a coffee shop and bring your starter kit. Or invite them over to your home when the kids are at school or during lunch break. There are so many possibilities. We have some people on our team who have built entire businesses around 1:1s. It’s a great way to get practice and connect with people.

Watch this video specifically on 1 on 1s

2 ways to do this authentically…

  1.  Ask someone to meet for coffee with the intent of bringing up the oils. When YOU reach out to someone, YOU ask them to meet to learn about YL and the oils.
  2.  Ask someone to meet for coffee for the only reason to meet for coffee or tea. Of course, the topic will probably come up. But this 1 on 1 is to build a relationship vs sell sell sell. 🙂

1 on 1’s are super powerful when done authentically.


or…parties/gatherings/workshops (whatever YOU want to call them) in-person or on *zoom about the products and/or the business.

Here are the basics to host a class…..

  • YOU can host classes in-person or online!
  • Pick a date a couple weeks out to give people time to plan..
  • Promote it on social media, send out text messages, or talk about the class when you meet up in person (at work, soccer practice, the gym, etc.).
  • Teach the class at your home or even a coffee shop and use our class script. (find below). I personally love just sitting around my kitchen table and passing the oils around for people to try out, while using the script to add in a bit of information about what oils are and how they work. I find that 3-5 people is ideal for this. So don’t feel like you need to prepare a formal presentation in front of dozens of people.

Create YOUR personal signup link here and for YOUR new business leader….


This way they can get their own kit delivered straight to their door and YOU earn a $50 referral check from Young Living for helping them get started.

TIP: Read the script a few times to yourself, and then ask a few people if you can do a practice class with them. We’ve had some members on this team actually sign-up friends from their first practice class.

Find 101 class scripts here (and other tools, like printables, etc)

**Keep in mind, ‘classes’ can also be held online via Facebook, Instagram, Skype, or Zoom (conference call website).



One of the easiest ways to share oils with others is through your social media. Just think about it… you can share a post about how Frankincense and Lavender has made your skin look amazing. So much so that you were carded for your ID the last time you got a bottle of wine at the store. WOW! That would be compelling. Your friends would no doubt like and comment on that post, and then ASK where they can get Frankincense and Lavender too.

It’s so easy to share how you use oils on social media – and the best part is you can share with so many people at once. Whether your friend list is 200, 500 or 1,000, believe it or not YOU are an influencer. You provide a recommendation and others will want to know more.

But there’s a technique here… You want to focus on sharing, not selling. That means avoid that post that says, “Buy a kit from me and I’ll get you a free bottle of Orange.” Or “I’m trying to get to Star, can you help me buy a kit?”

Why doesn’t this work? Because it’s about YOU, not the other person. You aren’t helping anyone by selling. Yet, when you share your testimonials of how oils have helped you – then you provide value. You help someone who has a similar need.

In addition to sharing, social media is a great way to build relationships. Reconnect with people from former jobs, previous neighbors, old friends, or even high school. Find out how they’re doing. Don’t make the relationship about the oils. Just see how others are doing and build relationships. In time, you’ll find that they will have a need. That’s when you can fill that need and share oils. You can even use social media to find new friends – such as meeting people in Facebook Groups for similar interests, like homesteading, cloth diapers, or real food or using the #glutenfree hashtag on Instagram.

TIP: Don’t feel like you need to be on ALL social media networks. Focus on 1-2 that you’re already on now and feel comfortable with. Facebook is an easy choice as most people are on it.

Here is a simple 30 day challenge to help YOU become more comfortable with social media:

Check out the book Getting Noticed by Lindsey Teague Moreno for more tips on using social media for your business.



This can be a great way to reach people you don’t know (we call this your cold market). Anyone can do vendor events – it just takes a little practice and a solid strategy. HINT: It’s not just about passing out your business cards.

Check out this video on vendor event strategies with Kara Cozier who ROCKS at vendor events and get most of their signups from them…

Join Kara's helpful FB Vendor Event group here…



Most of us can relate to this… You’re at the grocery store, and you bring out your Stress Away to put on your neck. It’s been a looooong day. Someone behind you asks you, “What’s that? It smells so good!”

Or how about this… You’re at the soccer field for your kid’s tournament. You take out a bottle of Deep Relief and put it on your kid’s knees during halftime. A mom comes up to you and says, “What is that? What does it do?”

While out for dinner, grab some YL enzymes before and after your meal. This will spike a conversation with those at the table!

These are examples of YOU using your oils in everyday life. You may have not even intended to share oils that day but you were using your oils and others NOTICED. This is a great way to share oils. Be a product of the product.


It’s not just about sharing ONE way. You can share multiple ways – such as teach classes, do 1:1s, share on social media, etc. In fact, we recommend at least 2-3 ways to share. Some people feel more comfortable doing 1:1s while others love to do classes. Work with your strengths, yet try new ways to share. You may have some hidden skills (like rockin’ vendor events) that you didn’t even know you had. ???

And one more thought… don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you need to be the expert on all things oils.

You don’t need to be the expert and know all the uses of every oil or the chemistry behind why it works for the body. If others ask about that, you can direct them to to look up oils for health concerns or so they can get a reference book on oils.

Share your EXPERIENCES. Share your STORIES. That takes a lot of pressure on feeling the need to know EVERYTHING about oils right? The same will go for your members. They will learn how to share with others without needing to be the expert when the see YOU do the same.


As YOU can see most is all about sharing the products with others, BUT YOU can totally do all the above with sharing the opportunity and business with people.

Introduce people to the 4 Year Career. Discuss as a way to grow their YL business.

Watch the 9 minute video introducing how to use the 4 Year Career as a business tool when leading with the business.

Thoughts for your journal:

1)Which way of sharing seems like YOUR jam?

2)How will YOU be sharing YL?

Income Disclosure:


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