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Natural Cocktails for Real Foodies?

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Do you enjoy a nice adult beverage once in a while?  I definitely do.  I love a cold vodka lemonade in the summer…a nice dirty martini on a Saturday night…even a spiked cider or hot chocolate sitting by a bonfire.

Can Real Foodies drink cocktails?  Sure, cocktails can fit into a Real Food lifestyle…if they are made with good ingredients.  And that, of course, is the problem with most of the cocktail fixings you will find at the store or your local bar.

Real Foodies get tired of Red 40 packed grenadine and maraschino cherries, flavored vodka that is artificially flavored (many brands are, sadly) and margarita mix that looks like it might be toxic it is such a bright yellowish green.

Well, now you can make natural cocktails with real ingredients in your own kitchen!

Kendahl from Our Nourishing Roots created an amazing e-book, Natural Cocktails, with over 165 recipes for natural cocktails, garnishes and more.  She has put an incredible amount of work into this e-book and it will be a very valuable cookbook in your kitchen!

You can download it to your computer, your phone, your tablet and have all of her recipes right at your fingertips!  Click here to view more details.

Make yourself a real food cocktail to unwind at the end of a long day or just relax as you make dinner.

If you enjoy a cocktail but like to keep your ingredients clean, this e-book is for you!

Here are 10 things I love about this book:

1.  Educational.

She goes over all the tools and glassware you need in a stocked bar.  She defines all of the terminology you need to make cocktails as well as describes and defines a huge variety of liquors.  She gives you the lowdown on everything from absinthe to campari to different types of whiskeys.

2.  Well organized.

There are two indexes and a detailed table of contents that make finding what you need super easy.  She indexes in alphabetical order as well as by liquor-type.  No need to scroll through pages and pages to find your recipe.

3.  Recipes for liqueurs.

Many of the liqueurs that you buy at the store contain horrible ingredients.  She gives easy recipes for making your own creme de cacao, creme de menthe and orange liqueur (triple sec) and more!  No more sacrificing your Real ingredient concerns for your cocktail!

4.  Recipes for garnishes and flavorings.

Three of my favorites are her all-natural grenadine, sweetened condensed milk and non-alcoholic marashcino cherries (although I bet her bourbon cherries are pretty tasty too).  She even includes some fermented recipes with fermented hot sauce, limes, worcestershire sauce as well as fermented beverages (root beer, cola, ginger beer to name a few).

Cocktail onionis, cocktail olives, brandied cherries, maraschino cherries
5.  Infused vodkas.

Did you know that many of the popular brands of flavored vodkas are artificially flavored?  Make your own citrus or apple vodka by following her simple directions.

6.  Basic cocktail recipes.

Easy all natural recipes for martinis (all kinds), manhattans, old fashioned, daiquiris, sidecars, jack roses and margaritas.

7.  Classic and Contemporary cocktail recipes.

She gives all natural recipes for everything from from basic drinks like a bellini, mojito or a cosmo to fun sounding cocktails such as a ‘cherry kiss', a ‘glog' and a ‘sazerac.'  Makes me want to make old favorites and experiment with new recipes.

A Real mojito with natural ingredients
8.  Holiday Cocktail recipes.

‘Tis the season!  Have plenty of natural cocktails on hand for your holiday party.  Eggnog, hot buttered rum, spiced cider and more!

9.  Recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcholic drinks and garnishes.

Not a huge fan of alcohol?  There are plenty of recipes for non-alcholic beverages and garnishes in here.  I can't wait to start making my daughter natural kiddie cocktails!

10.  The size and scope of this e-book.

This is such an extensive creation.  You will be pulling ideas and recipes from this book for years to come.

Irish Coffee with whipped cream

This e-book would make a great addition to your Real Food kitchen library!  Feel better about making yourself a natural cocktail using real ingredients.

I have my copy already and have been having fun making recipes that are new to me and trying out real versions of familiar cocktails.

Order your copy today

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**All photos are courtesy of Kendahl from Our Nourishing Roots

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