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Essential Oils 101 – Class on your Couch!

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Essential Oils 101 - ohlardy.com

So, you have heard a lot about essential oils.  You have probably started some research on your own.  Hopefully you have been enjoying the information that we share with you.  Tamara and I love educating others on all of the many benefits of essential oils.  

Are you looking for a basic course?  Something where you can get a feel for what essential oils are and how to use them?  Perhaps you know a lot about lavender and Tea Tree oil, but wonder what you would do with Frankincense or Purification.

Tamara and I both enjoy teaching local classes.  However, you might not live in the Chicago or Phoenix areas.  Well, today is your lucky day!  I have prepared an Essential Oils 101 class just for YOU!  

You can check out our class calendar to see what we have coming up online, in Chicago and in Phoenix!

Today you get to learn all about the benefits of essential oils from the comfort of your own couch.  You can watch all the way through, taking notes as you go – or you can pause it when you get busy and come back to it when you have a moment.  I won't mind.  

So, take good notes and don't hesitate to email us at [email protected].



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Essential Oils 101 - ohlardy.com


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