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A Natural Remedy for a Urinary Tract Infection

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Natural remedy for a urinary tract infection

Yup!  I am talking about urinary tract infections (UTI) today.  Aren't you glad you stopped by?  If you are a woman, chances are you may have had a UTI at least once in your life.  And if you have had one, you know EXACTLY when a UTI is starting.  The abdominal discomfort – which admittedly you may wonder about – until you feel the BURNING.  Then you know.  

I haven't had one of these in a long time.  Back then, I would have hopped right on the phone making an appointment with my doc to get an antibiotic.  This time, being the Essential Oils lover that I am, I wanted to give Essential Oils a shot.  

I went right to my pocket reference guide and looked up my particular ailment.  I also checked out Oil Testimonials for ideas as well.  While these resources provided several options, they all had one thing in common.  Bergamot!  Now here is where I lucked out.  Bergamot isn't an oil that I would think I need to be stocked up on.  It just so happened that I received a bottle of Bergamot as a gift!  I got right to work.

First, I put about 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil (that was the closest) in my hand and added 2 or 3 drops of Bergamot.  I rubbed this over my bladder.  I did this when I remembered – which was about twice a day.  

Next, I made a solution that I could use for blotting after using the bathroom.  I added a splash of vodka to a pint sized mason jar.  To this, I added 4 drops of Bergamot and then filled the jar with filtered water.  I kept this in the bathroom and I blotted with this mixture every time I went pee.  Which was a lot, because, I felt like I had to go ALL OF THE TIME.  

In addition to these external remedies, I also put Thieves and Oregano into a veggie capsule and took that internally.  For 2 days I followed this oily regimen in addition to eating lots of fermented foods, and taking extra Vitamin D, Juice Plus, and fermented cod liver oil.  I was determined to knock this out!

Friends, I wish I could tell you I had success.  But I didn't.  This is the first time the oils didn't come through for me.  On the morning of Day 3 I had blood in my urine.  It appeared to be getting worse and it was time to call the Doc.  And I was okay with that.  I gave it the good old college try.  

I am thankful that I have natural options at my fingertips to utilize.  And I am thankful that I have a doctor who can get me in to see her on a moment's notice.  Even though these particular oils didn't work for me this time around, there may have been a different combination that might have worked.  I did my research and gave it a shot.  But ultimately I had to listen to my body and my gut.  

Funny story, when I went to fill my prescription, the pharmacy told me that all of my insurance information wasn't current.  It turns out I hadn't filled a prescription for myself in well over a year.  I guess all of my home remedies and prevention must work most of the time.  

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Natural remedy for a urinary tract infection



  1. Thank you. I see so many sensationalist articles about this stuff, I REALLY appreciate you saying “I tried natural remedies, but when things got worse instead of better, modern medicine was there for me.”

    For whatever it’s worth, next time you might try taking garlic by mouth. 😉

  2. A couple of my friends had success for uti using lemon in their water all day and rubbing purification on lower abdomen. One of them had one small packet of ningia juice. Both called me the next day to say they were better.

  3. I recently had a UTI and I used orange EO oil in my water 3 times a day and rubbed Purification on my abdomen twice a day and applied thieves to my feet on the vita flex points twice a day. I drink Ningxia Red daily as well. I added two glasses of pomegranate juice to my daily routine as well. My UTI was gone in about 3 days. Hopefully this remedy can help others as well as it helped me! Thanks for the post!

  4. While I can’t say I’ve tried EOs yet for UTIs, I have found that time and again, ( I get them a lot), cranberry capsules work wonders for me! I take one capsule 3 times a day and drink a lot of water to flush it out of my system.

  5. Sounds like it was a really nasty infection. Fresh squeezed lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and lots of water has worked for me before. Glad you were able to get it treated. 🙂

  6. I have had chronic UTI’s for years until a friend suggested taking D-Mannose in capsule form at the first sign of a UTI. I was completely symptom free the next day, though I continued taking the D-Mannose for about another five days as suggested. I also now am taking powdered cranberry in capsule form and rarely have a UTI anymore.

  7. When I get a bladder infection I have my SO pick up a quart of unsweetened cranberry juice. I mix it half and half with water and drink the whole half gallon over 8 hours or so and the UTI is gone by the next morning. Even sweetened cranberry juice (IE Ocean Spray) works but I like using the unsweetened 100% cranberry juice better. My grandma taught me this when I was 10 or so and it has worked well the past 35 years.

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