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Fermented Eggs

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Yes,  fermented eggs.  You may think, is that even possible?  Yes!!!  It IS possible and they are fantastic.  I have had pickled eggs before which are delicious.  I had an abundance of chicken eggs last week and thought I would go ahead and pickle them.  But then I thought, why not ferment them??  We love eggs and we love fermented foods.  It was a win win.  

For my first batch of fermented eggs, I decided to keep it simple.  Eggs, salt, culture, water, time.  The kids kept asking me, “Are they ready yet?” “Are they ready yet?”  Only 3 days on the counter yields a very tasty egg!  I was expecting the first bite to have that fermented zing I love so much.  Honestly, it tasted like this beautifully salted hard boiled egg.  Then, at the end, the fermented zing!  

These eggs will be gone in no time I am sure!  Next time I am going to add some other things to make them fancy.  I am thinking some kimchi brine, garlic, dill, peppercorns, etc.  The sky is the limit with these eggs!  

Do you have an abundance of eggs?  Go ahead and ferment them!  It is easy and they are delicious!!  

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Fermented Eggs

A fun twist on hard boiled eggs!



  • Place eggs in a steamer basket, cover, and steam for 18 minutes
  • Place the hard boiled eggs in an ice bath and cool completely
  • Mix culture starter (or whey) and salt into 1 cup of water - stir until dissolved
  • Peel and place the eggs in a quart sized mason jar
  • Pour brine over the eggs. Add water to cover if needed
  • Place a lid on the eggs (I screwed the lid on but did not close tightly) and allow to ferment on the counter for 3 days at room temperature


Mix it up by adding yummy things like garlic, dill, jalapeños, peppercorns, sauerkraut brine, etc
If you love these, they won't last long in your fridge. If after 2 weeks you happen to still have some in your fridge, do the smell test. If they smell the same, gobble them up! If they smell off, toss them.

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  1. I can’t wait to try this recipe but I am a bit confused. When do you peel the eggs? Are they already hard boiled and peeled when you steam them for 18 minutes? Is the steaming process the cooking of the raw egg and then you peel them after the water bath, before putting in the jar? I am not familiar with pickled eggs so don’t know the process.

    1. I am sorry, I should have been more clear. You start with a regular egg and then hard boil the egg. The steaming process cooks the egg. You can also hard boil them if you prefer that method. I have updated the recipe with more clear instructions. Enjoy!

      1. Finally got to taste these. They are sooo yummy. I like the texture better than hard boiled eggs. For whatever reason, the yolks have turned slightly gray around the rim. Don’t know what caused that but I don’t mind and doesn’t seem to effect the taste. Like the suggestion below to add turmeric, garlic, dill and mustard. Will have to try that next. I added 2 T. of my garlic ferment brine instead of whey. I could only stuff 11 into my jar and keep under the brine. Just ate my extras plain. Thanks for the recipe! We will be enjoying these around the house for a long time.

  2. Hi. Sounds wonderful! I’m wondering – when you put the lid on, do you just place the lid on or screw it on tightly? Thank you.

  3. How do know how long they keep before being unsafe to eat? If you refrigerate when they are fermented to your liking, how long before you should toss them if they are not eaten? I like boiled and pickled eggs so I would probably like these but not so sure about my picky eaters!

  4. How do you get 15 eggs into a quart jar? I can only get 9-10 to just keep it under the salt brine…I also add 1/2 t. turmeric, 1/2 t. ground mustard and 2 garlic cloves with 1/2 t. dill seed…OMG . I have to make 2 jars a week they are that good. Im glad you mentioned steaming the eggs since I have chickens also and they peel a whole lot easier for fresh eggs than boiling. You are lovely ladies.

    1. My hens just started laying, so their eggs are on the small side. That is probably why I could fit more into the jar. And I love your suggestion for additions! That sounds amazing!

  5. Hi there! So, I have been milking my own goats for 7 years now and ferment milk. I also brew kombucha, use the whey from my cheeses for bread etc. I also can and pickle!
    I’m wanting to now try my hand at fermenting and tried my first batch of pickles and used my kombucha vinegar to inoculate it!! Have you ever done this? I used a pint of my pickled beets which I used ACV, onions etc… and then the rest to cover the eggs was my KV. I’m 99.9% certain I have a wild lacto culture growing on top. The eggs are firm and taste nice and beety with that zing at the end… Just trying to get with someone who is maybe trying kombucha for a fermenting agent as well!!
    Thank you 😀

    1. Hi, I am also wanting information on using my homemade Kombucha for fermenting. Ialso make water kefir and am wondering what I can do with that in terms of using it for fermenting things. Please let me know if you find any information on this and I will do the same. I am on my second batch of the fermented eggs and I love them. I have been making salted fermented lemons to use in salads, salad dressings, soups, steamed veggies, stews and well just about everything. My family loves them! You may email me directly: [email protected] Thanks!

  6. Hi Kelly, could I use some of the liquid from a batch of kraut as a starter culture, or maybe some kombucha as Cara said.

    1. This is one recipe that I would always use a starter. With a wild ferment, the bacteria present on the vegetables helps get that ferment going. I don’t know which bacteria, if any, are present on the peeled hard boiled egg that could get a ferment going. You could always try it I suppose.

  7. Hi there! My hubby and I tried these eggs a month ago and loved them! I’m wanting to make another batch, but wondering if it’s ok to knock down a little on the salt? They were just a little too salty for us. If I use more whey and less salt would that still work? Thanks!

  8. ? Very confusing to those who are not familiar with steamed eggs–which are not the same as hard boiled.

  9. Sorry there was an error in my reply above.
    Why do you interchange the terms steamed and hard boiled eggs? It’s very confusing to those who are not familiar with steamed eggs–which are not the same as hard boiled.

  10. I just found this and am so happy… So i thought of this as well but was a little scared to try. Since i already had some culture from from veggies so i used that instead. However, i wanted the vinegar taste so instead of using water i used red wine vinegar.

    Question: Would this cause a problem since i didn’t put water? I keep hearing about the botulism and i got scared so put them in the fridge. Please help…

  11. Interesting….regarding fermented vs pickling and Kombucha…..Have been wanting to use the liquid from my (Pepperoncinis) banana peppers that we harvest from our garden just because of the pepper flavor that is more flavor than it is hot. Will this work?

  12. The finished product is the same, steaming is recommended over a big pot of water..
    Or put a half inch of water in the pot.

  13. I love your recipes. Every single one has been so detailed and interesting to look through. Is there a difference between fermented eggs and pickled eggs? Or do they sort of turn out the same? I am curious to see if I can make fermented eggs and have them come out with the same flavor and probiotic content. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  14. Help, I must have done something wrong. My eggs smell a little like sulfur, are they safe to eat? I used a airlock lid, maybe that is where I went wrong. Please advise, should I try them or throw them out?

    1. The sulfur shouldn’t be a problem, unless it has a distinctly rotten egg smell. If your egg yolks are greened, chances are you over cooked them.

  15. Would it be possible to use milk kefir or kefir whey? I’ve got lots of kefir and some knowhow in pickling but fermenting is another matter, especially with eggs.
    Thanks again.

    1. The only way I know how to make whey is by draining store bought plain yogurt and letting it strain for a couple hours. Is that what whey you are talking about? Also what type of culture starter are you saying to use? Can I buy it at vitamin cottage?

  16. Melissa Medina: Using vinegar will give you a pickled product, as opposed to a fermented product. The taste might be similar, however, you lose the probiotic benefits….

    I have just submerged my eggs into the brine, using some liquid from my red sauerkraut, can’t wait to try the pink eggs!

  17. 1 Tablespoon of Salt doesn’t seem like enough imo, but then again it’s only a 3 day ferment. So, could I add more salt and ferment them even longer? If so, what would be the outcome of this? Also, I respectfully disagree with the salt you recommended. The optimal salt to use for proper fermentation is Celtic Grey Sea Salt. My last question is concerning the starter. Is it really necessary, or is it simply just to kickstart the ferment and achieve faster results? Say I don’t use a starter? Nothing negative will happen, correct? It will just take longer to start and finish. Is that right? Thanks!

  18. Do you store the finished fermented eggs in the salty solution that they fermented in, or are they rinsed & put in a vinegar & spice/herb solution? I just started my 1st batch of fermented eggs & I don’t know the proper way to store the eggs when done. Please help! Thanks in advance.🙂

  19. Hi. I have leftover fermented garlic and dill pickle juice , can I just pop them in the jar ? I also have Jalapeños, that are fermenting, I have cowboy candy , which is pickled Jalapeños. Thank you.

  20. Culture Starter? could you help me out with this, what is it, how do you make it. I have fermented sauerkraut and vegetable before but want to try eggs, thanks in advance.

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