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Freezer Packs for your Smoothie Recipes

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Freezer Packs for your Smoothie Recipes - ohlardy.com

I love making smoothies!  They are such an easy way to deliver nourishing food to our bellies!  Smoothie recipes can be so versatile, too!  You can throw anything you want into a blender and turn it into a smoothie!  I am not saying that it will be good, but still.  Creating your smoothie recipes doesn't have to be tricky.  All you really need is liquid, fruits, protein, and some veggies if you want!  

My husband is an endurance runner.  When he does his runs, he likes his recovery meal to consist of real and nourishing food.  I started creating these smoothie recipes so that he could have frozen smoothie packs ready to go for him when he finishes a run.  All he has to do is throw his pack into the Vitamix along with added protein and some liquid.  

Since I started making these, I have been enjoying them for breakfast every now and then.  Honestly, after making breakfast for my three kiddos before school I am not too creative about fixing something for myself.  Since my smoothie recipes contain fruit and green veggies I know I am getting some great nutrients to start off my day.  I use milk kefir for my liquid, so I am getting a good dose of probiotics as well.  I am a huge peanut butter fan, so that is my go-to protein.  I also sprinkle in gelatin and aquatic greens when I remember.  

When I make frozen packs for my smoothie recipes these days I have been making single serving freezer packs.  I used to double this formula, however I found that when I wanted to have a smoothie, that didn't mean someone else wanted one.  And when my husband would make one after his run, someone else had to have some too.  For a while I made popsicles out of the leftover smoothie, but it started to be wasteful.  

Have fun with these smoothie recipes!  Create what you like!  And then feel free to shake it up a bit!  

Freezer Packs for Smoothie Recipes

Create these freezer packs of your favorite smoothie recipes and you can have a delicious smoothie any time!
Servings 1


  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 cup of frozen fruit I like a mixture of pineapple, berries, and mango
  • Handful of greens I have used spinach, kale, and chard


  • Assemble ingredients into quart-sized freezer bags.
  • Place into the freezer until ready for use.


When you are ready to enjoy your smoothie, simply place the freezer bag contents into your blender along with 1 cup of liquid. For the liquid I have used milk kefir, milk, yogurt, and coconut water. Feel free to add some protein and any other additives you may like to have. Blend and enjoy!

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Freezer Packs for your Smoothie Recipes - ohlardy.com

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