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Friday Happy Hour #12

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Here are some posts from around the blogosphere that Tamara and Kelly found interesting this week.  So grab a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy!  Cheers!

  • We both soooooooo wish we could be at the Wise Traditions (Weston A Price) conference this weekend in California.  What is Wise Traditions?  Who was Weston A. Price and why does he have a conference named after him?  Click on the link to find out the answer!  Next year we are there for sure!
  • The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads?  What the heck is a sugarplum?  A tasty little holiday treat, that's what!
  • I love pie.  Fruit pie, cream pie, custard pie, chocolate pie.  Cut me a slice of pie and I am a happy camper.  How about a slice of French Silk pie made with nourishing ingredients?  Can't get any more delicious than that!
  • It's hard to find real food away from home.  You do what you can, but often times you have to go with the flow or make do.  I like a common sense approach to real food eating, the 80/20 rule.  Now that rule does not work for everyone but for my family it works just fine.
  • When you think of the holidays, do you think of Wassail?  If so, here is a wassail recipe that is sure to put you into the holiday spirit!

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